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8 Best step counter app for android to keep your body in shape

Updated on: March 2, 2022
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Every step counts to your health, whether you track your footsteps at home, or outside, it won’t be less effective. Our mind can also count steps, but the question is, why do we let it?. when there are hoards of free step counter apps for android helping you do that. Lets the brain take a rest, and make such apps count your footsteps. So you can indulge in other activities while walking.

Pedometer apps don’t just count steps; they can have many other features promoting other health habits like water consumption, calories, exercise e.t.c. Well, a good step tracker app is meant to be accurate and allows the progress to save, keeping overall data in stock So that we can check our history. Without further ado, let’s jump into the best step tracker apps for android 2020.

Best step tracker apps for android you can download

Pedometer – steps counter, calorie counter

step counter android app by leap

This app is not merely an app you would download for steps counting, as it brings much more on the table. It ensures your time well spent, and you can calculate your calories along with the water intake all the same time while walking. On the home screen of the app, you can keep an eye on daily activities or taking a shortcut; you can have its widget set on the mobile’s home screen for a quick glance.

The app allows you to view the history of your steps in intuitive layouts to show your progress in more detail. After reaching a goal of daily steps, a message pops up congratulating your dedication. Going to the settings, you can create a backup, or pair it up with other devices, and there is much to explore. 


Walking & Running Pedometer for Health & Weight

walking and running pedometer app-min

if you want to show your progress worldwide, then this app has your back. It has an amazing ranking system with groups of people building a community for pacers, keeping you motivated all the time. You can set a goal, and once you complete it, and collect records under your belt, others can explore your achievements too. It’s an engaging app with an intuitive layout, allowing you to share activities, create a team, and explore fun tasks. On top of that, it’s free and comes with separate exercises to keep you fit along the journey to lose weight. 


Pedometer for walking – Step Counter

pedometer for walking android app

Don’t go too far when a pedometer app for walking or step tracking is in your service. It’s nothing more than a nifty pedometer app that solely tracks steps and shows a history of your activities. Besides being a pedometer app, it counts calories too. For quick access, users can set it as a widget to see ongoing activities without having to open the app repeatedly. 

So if you are dealing with the weight loss, you can include this app in your list. 


Pedometer Step Counter by Mody Apps

pedometer app by modi

This is the best pedometer app for android for tracking steps. This app is free and is similar to most of the apps listed here. It has got an impressive response all over the world for its accuracy and striking features. When you are using it for counting steps, make sure you check the settings first, in most cases you don’t need to. 

As as soon as you complete tasks set by you, you can keep an eye on your progress by breaking down into weeks, years, day, and the overall steps counted. 

Walk Tracker – Step Counter Free & Calorie Burner

walk tracker app for android

Do you need the best real-time step counter app for android? Walk tracker can be a perfect fit for you. This app uses a built-in sensor to count your steps, giving real-time data without enabling GPS. Along with the steps, users can keep tabs on their daily water intake in ml.

Users have an option to adjust the sensitivity so that the app can tracks steps more precisely. It lets you pause, start, and reset the progress, offering you full control on the go. You would like the eye-catching interface and the convenience to track activities, that’s what making an app stands out in the crowd.


Pedometer For Walking by Pedometer

step counter app by pedometer

It’s one of the best pedometer app lurking at the android play store for free. Whether you use it for shedding calories, tracking water intake, or counting steps, you can bet on its proficiency. By setting your exact age, height, gender, and weight, you will get the real numbers of your burned calories depending on the data you provide.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t include any widget, so you will have to open an app every time you check the statistics. Overall it’s a decent app built specifically for the walkers, but if you get a hard time monitoring progress, then maybe you can switch to another app that has a widget.

StepsApp Pedometer

stepapps pedometer android

Well, like any other pedometer app listed here, this app doesn’t use your data, as it uses a built-in sensor to boast the real-time data right on your phone’s screen. It’s quite easy to set daily goals and keep track of the activities in a beautiful, appealing dark user interface. The best part is, you can check your progress by means of graph outlining the overall growth.

Don’t panic if English is not your mother tongue, as it backs up to 20 languages so you can easily get your head around it. Currently, it has been downloaded over 1 million times with an impressive 4.6 ratings.


Pedometer – Step Counter by ITO Technologies, Inc.

pedometer app by ITO

This pedometer or the step counter android app can be your best stroll companion, keeping you aware of the steps you walk, or what food you eat, and so on. You can have this app for several reasons, but it’s perfect for tracking steps and calories count.

For fun, you can share your achievements with friends and show them your records, hard-earned goals, and anything that looks worth sharing.


How to use a step tracker app?

Using a pedometer app is quite a manageable task, as you don’t need to modify any settings to make it work. After the download, all you have to do is open an app, and you are all set to go. That’s all. No other strings attached. It will keep on counting your steps if an app is running in the background.

In case you want to explore other parts of an app, then you can do so by heading to the settings, and check what’s new to look into.

Wrapping up 

These are some of the best step counter apps for android for tracking stuff with accurate data. All the apps are free to use and don’t block things out for you to unlock. Few apps have a widget feature to help you see a quick glimpse at your activities. Users can also adjust the accuracy of apps if an option has given to do that.

By ankit raghuwanshi