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15 Best sleep cycle app for android for a quality sleep.

Updated on: March 2, 2022
best sleep cycle apps

Sleep is mandatory. Our body and mind won’t function the same without sufficient sleep. So, to be in good shape, an adult must sleep at least for 7-8 hours, and kids for at least 8-9 hours. Research from many institutes claims that if a person is not getting enough sleep, he has a better chance of developing certain health problems like cancer, heart attack, migraine, diabetes, accidents, weak sex drive, and immune system. Don’t panic if you take a proper sleep. We here listing some of the best sleep cycle app for android, So you can track your sleep with improving sleep quality.

A Sleep cycle app, with the help of sensors and A.I, monitors sleep pattern by hours, and measures sleep patterns while you’re dozed off. Such apps split your sleep into phases, giving a detailed analysis, and then wake you up through alarm when you’re in a light sleep phase. Are you getting to grips with it?. Not only can they track sleep, but they also keep nodes of your snoring. Without further delay, let’s dive into the best sleep tracking apps for android to relishing your life.

Best sleep cycle apps for android

Sleep Cycle: Sleep analysis & Smart alarm clock

It’s one of the best sleep cycle app with an alarm clock. To know the quality of sleep you’re having, or to improve your sleep quality, this very app is a perfect choice. The best thing it does is track your snoring, and give you all sorts of data regarding that. After getting a singularity value using this app, it gives a detailed analysis of your sleep in weeks or months, letting you foresight your sleep while your nervous system is inactive.

Using this app is far easier than you think, as it uses a patented sound technology that track sleep cycles using earphone or an accelerometer (A sensor comes equipped with smartphones). To get started, all you have to do is turn on a sleep alarm, and keep your phone aside with an earphone plugged in. Make sure you do not shake off a phone too much. Otherwise, data will not be as accurate as it should be. The app will keep track of your sleep, and once you are in a light sleep phase, an alarm will go off.

From which time you went to bed to how many snores you hit, this app does a fabulous job.

  • It allows you to take sleep notes.
  • Lets you backup data.
  • Users can check their historical data, as well as export that.

Sleep as Android – Sleep cycle smart alarm

Sleep as android deeply keeps tabs of your sleep with the help of sonar technology, an ultrasonic signal reflected from your body. With this app, you can track your deep sleep, snoring, duration of sleep, and irregularity, advising to improve sleep quality. It has a unique feature to stop snoring, as it detects snoring, making you stop by reacting to either vibration or sound.

It also ensures that you don’t oversleep, so it uses CAPTCHA wake up verification, and to make you fall asleep, it has a collection of music supporting Spotify, google music, lullabies, and other radio stations. On the whole, it’s a great app fueled with tons of features improving sleep quality and overall health

  • It stops users from oversleeping.
  • Compatible with wearables.
  • It has lullabies to help you sleep better.
  • It detects and stop snoring by either making vibration or sound.

Sleep Lab: Sleep Cycle Tracker

It’s one of the best runs of the mill app for tracking sleep. It’s like any sleep cycle app that lets you set an alarm, and give a full report of your sleep. Apart from that, it also records your snoring, or sleep talk, generating a report with audio data. This app claims to have a precise rate of sleep analysis, gauging sleep patterns in a way that sounds logical.

It has ample of Hi-fi music, and other nature sounds that you can listen to relax your mind before sleep. While putting your smartphone on a lock screen, the app can block calls and messages that interrupt doze.

  • It has tons of soothing music.
  • It can record dream talks, and you check all the sleep historic data.
  • A great to cure insomnia.
  • Eye-catching design, has alarm clock, and analysis sleep.

Sleepzy: Sleep Cycle Tracker

If you are ready to pay for its service, then Sleepzy is what you are looking for. Its intuitive interface and the features are there to sway you away. Users can readily track sleep by connecting a device to a power source, and place next to their bed with the screen down.

This app lets you see your sleep patterns and statistic, allowing you to track every hour of sleep, so you may know when do you sleep deep or sleep light.

  • Lets you track sounds you make while being in the sleep state.
  • tracks sleep patterns, and shows in graph.
  • It has nature sounds that you can use to calm your mind before or after sleep.

Sleep Monitor: Sleep Cycle Track, Analysis, Music

As the name suggests, sleep monitor tracks sleep and provides a technical analysis of your sleep right after you wake up. It’s one of the best sleep cycle apps for android with an amusing interface that would keep up with your mood. It gets updated so often, and lots of soothing music are added to it. Whether you want to take a nap, sleep at night, or wake up, an alarm can go off once you are in a light sleep phase.

It’s advisable to charge your device with the earphones plugged in, as earphones may consume enough of battery that can discharge a smartphone, so to avoid such a situation, also use a charger.

  • Records all kinds of noises during sleep.
  • Allows you to jot down your sleep habits.
  • Displays sleep statistics, also letting users export data.


Sometimes it’s not easy to cling charger every time around a bed while using a sleep cycle app. This app is the solution if you hate an idea of charging. This app consumes less power compared to other relevant apps, so it’s viable to go without a power adapter. The fact is, the app was designed for a smart bed, but it’s now being used as a regular android app.

Apart from tracking sleep, the user will be able to count average heart rates, breath rate, and set a sleep goal per day. Best of all, there is a community and coach insight to help you further deal with your sleep.

  • It has a Sleep coach, an A.I based technology that gives tips based on personal sleep stats.
  • Monitors heart and breath rate, displaying results in charts.


Sleep town is nothing sort of an impressive sleep cycle app with gaming illustrations and minimalist alarm clock. Its unique approach towards improving sleep with the help of games, making it a stand apart from the crowd. Such an app gives you a task like building houses in the town to improve the quality of your sleep, breaking the rules collapse a building.

Once you start to sleep better by following this app, you go on building houses by spending coins that you earn after completing a task, forming regular sleeping habits.

  • Users can construct buildings as a part of sleep.
  • Allows to take some days off as a holiday.
  • Helps beat addictions, so you can sleep better.


If you want a simple Ui app that just keeps tracks of your sleep, then this app can be a better companion. Its straightforward design, and easy to use features will help you pump up to set an alarm and wake up fresh. At the end of a night , you can calculate the total number of times you slept.

As it’s an ordinary sleep cycle app, you don’t see any other features like graphs, sleep patterns, or snoring. The main objective of using this app is to set a bedtime alarm and keep count on your total sleep. Perhaps, this is not something you might be interested in, but it’s the best sleep cycle android app solely for sleep tracking.

  • Calculates wake up and sleep time.
  • Allows you to set an alarm.
  • It works on a simple sleep cycles.

Sleepy – Sleep Cycles

An app that any professional in the field would recommend. It analyses your sleep in cycles, suggesting no less than six cycles to sleep better. Users have to set a preferred wake-up time using an alarm, and the sleepy takes care of rest of your sleep by tracking in cycles or phases.

It determines a quality of your sleep only after you wake up, giving an average sleep cycle score in the history tab. It’s a game-changer if you use it overly for improving sleep.

  • A very catchy, and minimalist sleep cycle app with alarm clock.
  • It recommends a minimum of six cycles for better sleep.

Zen Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

It’s one of the best free sleep cycle apps for android with an alarm clock. Using this app, users can track sleep patterns with graphs. It shows the average time of sleep, how much you sleep in a light phase, and a deep phase. It lets you make notes of your dreams, where you can select an experience you got from your dream.

So to start counting your sleep cycles, all you have to do is set an alarm and place a phone near your location with a screen down. It then analysis your sleep throughout the night, displaying your sleep efficiency in graphs and figures.

  • Users can acknowledge their dream experiences in moods.
  • It supports multiple alarms with multiple windows.
  • You can roll out off bed once you’re in the light sleep phase.

PrimeNap: Free Sleep Tracker

PrimeNap is a one-stop solution for doing a variety of stuff pertinent to improving sleep. It’s free, having intuitive UI and is loaded with effective features. Similar to other apps, it tracks the complete sleep patterns and lets you read them up. The app has a slew of music sounds helping you sleep better, allowing you to set timer to stop a sound.

There is likely anything that PrimeNap doesn’t do. As it detects snoring, sleep, dreams, giving a full detailed analysis of the activities. Going to the history tab, you can check all the previous recordings of your activities, and compare your sleep efficiency over the period of time.


  • Users can export sleep statistics and share them with friends.
  • With dream journal, you can pitch your ideas.
  • It tracks sleep and snoring with monitoring data.

Sleep Cycle App: Sleep analysis & Smart Wake Up

Don’t fall into gimmicks or what other people say. This app is a complete package you can have in your android device for tracking sleep and getting a thorough report of your sleep. Despite having few downloads, the app continues to offer firm support and features without letting few downloads undermining its efficiency.

This sleep cycle app has the ability to integrate with other devices like Apple Watch, Samsung watch, and more. It’s free to use, and there is no need to unlock any feature. Apart from tracking sleep automatically, it also tracks heart rate and snoring, letting you synchronize and backup all types of data.

  • Allows backing up, and synchronizing data.
  • It has mood reporting and sleep notes.
  • Users can check the unlimited history of their sleep.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Well, the only reason we found this app interesting because of its ability to track all sorts of activities and display reports in a graph. It’s not a big deal, but the way it shows a sleep cycle in percentage is something we find off the chart.

Like other respective apps, it wakes you up while you are in a light sleep state, ready to start your day in a good mood. The best part about this app is it is highly customizable – having a couple of options lying under settings that you can look into. The app suggests having a charger connected while tracking sleep, or you have an option to save power using proximity.

  • A dark, customizable alarm clock sleep monitoring app.
  • Tracks sleep and count heart rates in background.
  • Having different sounds for mind’s serenity.

TiX – Sleep analyzer

Are you a fan of colorful charts and alarm screens? Well, this app can meet your standards. On top of its tracking abilities, Tix is stuffed with Beautiful designs, animations, and color themes, giving vibes like any arcade game.

It has a set of features that are quite effective when it comes to monitoring sleep. It analysis sleep in three different states – light sleep, deep sleep, and awake. The random designs, an alarm clock, and some nature melodies are there to accompany on your way to better sleep.

  • It has a myriad of themes and designs for an alarm clock.
  • Tracks sleep in the background.
  • It shows different graphics for your daily habits.


Looking for a smart solution to stop snoring? Well, Sleepless has got you covered. Its advanced bone conduction snoring recognition technology detects and stops snoring without affecting your sleep. The app has been garnered several awards for being the most intelligent anti-snoring device.

With tracking snoring, it keeps tabs on your sleep as well, showing in-depth analysis of sleep and letting export and share data. The app has a host of mediation sounds to make you fall asleep, so you can stop snoring, sleep in the depth phase, and wake up happy after.

  • The best app for tracking snoring.
  • It works on low-Cpu consumption.
  • Displays the quality of sleep using graphs.
By ankit raghuwanshi