5 best self improvement apps

Updated on: April 3, 2022

These days hectic lifestyle is unobtrusively slipping into our part of life. Consciously or unconsciously, tiresome lifestyle making us all frail, ineffectual, and keeping us out the fun zone. In that case, we can put an effort to improve our exuberant lifestyle with the help of the best self improvement apps . We may not be aware enough to sense what our mind is up to or how it should be used. From over the years meditation found to have been helpful, but many people still devalue its Strength. contrary, many people also mastered an art of it is living proof that mediation is a an epitome of spiritual success.

Well, this article might strike a chord with those who are quite acquainted with the fact that self-improvement practices can remarkably help with Stress and gives a sense of clarity to the Mind. Fortunately, using self-growth application we can have access to the meditation landscape, so we can progressively grow ourselves right off the bat.

Most of the time, we associate the term “Meditation” with all the spiritual gurus out there, but it’s something not right. The fact is, more you sink yourself into the valley of spiritualityi, more awareness you acquire. So without further ado, let’s tap into the best self-growth apps that would not only foster your productive self but also make you self-aware.

Best self growth apps for android and iPhones

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

The calm is the one-stop solution to kick-start your Mindfulness journey. It has got plethora of content to choose from, making it the most cherished Stress relieving app among people. The calm app includes multifarious soothing Music and vocals helping you flow with your mood. When you go premium, You will listen to many notable voices and more Music you can unwrap every weekend. Well, you can give it a go and may later decide if you want to unlock premium or stick with free.

It comes with bedtime stories to fall you asleep, and masterclasses by the experts in this field are the reason this platform stands out from the rest. On top of that, It lets you save up Music, which you can later listen to offline, and because of its low price structure, anyone can afford to try premium.

There are three elements that this company zeroes in – Sleep, Meditation, and Music. Apart from that, you can set up reminders for bedtime and also use the ”do not disturb”mode when busy meditating. This app has been downloaded over 10 million times across various platforms and received a warming response all around the globe.

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Another great platform that experts recommend diving into to sense cognizant space is Headspace. It has been received an editor choice award in 2018 for the best android apps for self improvement and downloaded over 20 million times across various device platforms. Whether you’re looking to fight out Stress, enjoy nature, hone your skills your, or any specific topics, headspace has your back.

With Headspace, It is easier to set or track goals and stats, making it the most transparent app. Moreover, The company seamlessly works on your sleep and helps you meditate by offering themed meditation guides, Music, and more. As headspace is free for some topics, but to get most out of it, we recommend opting for premium. It comes with a hefty +$85/year membership.

Deep Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

As the name suggests, the Deep Calm is another promising yet free mobile application to shift Stress into rapture. It has been downloaded over a million times on both Android, and iPhone platforms combined and also totalled in 4.5 ratings at play store. This app is nothing sort of a revitalizing tool that even doesn’t include in-app purchases. Therefore, you’ll be able to use it for free anywhere. Just select your theme music, set up a timer when you’re ready, and you’re all set to go.

Currently, this application is lurking at the Play Store and app store, as it just sizes about 17M, and it requires a minimum 4.1 software version to be able to run smoothly.

Deep Meditate

Deep Mediate is the premium app with no trial option. This app lists hundreds of free mediational Music to soothe your mood and recite relaxing bedtime stories. For the time being, this app has half a million users and got downloaded over a million times. Akin to headspace, and calm app, Deep meditate app allows setting up a timer, so you can mediate and keep tabs on your progress.

Its intriguing Ux, and the featherweight size of the app setting aside other bulky apps as to performance. It has about 250 combined collections of nature sounds and the instruments which you can play depending on your mood.

There are three elements that this app mainly centers around – Mediation, sleep, and Music. All the material that it holds can be helpful for anyone from a tyro to an elite member.

7Mind: Meditation reinvented

A neat app for real mediational gurus and beginners. 7mind walk through the philosophy of letting people rewire their minds by merely feeling the breath. This app has a host of themed meditation, which determined to have been working on all cores of Mind.

You get all kinds of nature music that involves instruments in the background, created to be played out depicting your mood. Nearly 1 million 7minders are capitalizing on their inner beauty and sharing the code to live a happier, more abundant life. At its best, 7mind cost us about $59.99 a year, unlocking all the premium contents and services that are limited for free members. While going premium, you can also download the premium content and listen offline.

Summing Up

There may be many platforms that help us redefine ourselves. But some apps appear to have missed on crucial content that can be helpful in elevating our self growth. So, We’ve listed some cool and handy apps you can try on a go.

By ankit raghuwanshi