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Best Pomodoro apps to get rid of procrastination

Updated on: September 23, 2022
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The worst mistake we often do is not tracking time while we are at work. The sooner we get into such a habit, the more productive we become, and more time we save with work. During the time of lockdown, you likely to put on some weight, gluing on the cozy bed pondering to hit a gym or go out on vacation. However, many folks have already started working from home, falling short of time to do other activities of life. There is an antidote, you can keep track of your time with the best Pomodoro app so that you save your time by staying focused.

You don’t need to wait for your adrenaline to kick in, focus timer apps are so flexible to get the job done. Without further ado, let’s jump into the best Pomodoro apps for android and iPhone. 

So what is Pomodoro? 

It is a technique originally designed by a Francesco Cirillo in the 80s to get more work done in less time with the creative juice flowing. To be more specific, Cirillo came with an idea of tomato (Pomodoro in Italian) to stay focused for at least 25 minutes with a 5 minutes short break. After four Pomodoros rings, you can increase your break, depending on the total time it would take to meet the deadlines. This way, you can work with time not against it, making you well pointed towards your short term goals with the sense of certainty. 

What is the Pomodoro technique?

Cirillo has split it into six core steps that you can follow to get the most out of your time. 

1. Choose a task. You have your list ready, and now it’s time to start any job you would like to pay full attention to. 

2. Set the Pomodoro for 25 Minutes.

It’s easy to set a counter and wait for it to finish. So, before you let anyone kill your time, set everything aside and only focus on your task for 25 minutes.  

3. Wait until the Pomodoro rings. It seems like you are getting to grips with it. Now you can write the next down on a paper so that you immerse yourself to the next task right after the break. 

4 Checkmark on paper. Every time you complete your work after 25 minutes of converged focus, checkmark on paper as a greeting.

5. Time for a break. Having completed the first Pomodoro, now it’s time to take a break. Meanwhile, you can do any kind of activity that refreshes and gears you up for work ahead. 

6. Take more breaks after every four Pomodoro. To let your brain soak up new information, the Pomodoro method suggests having a break of least 20 or 30 minutes after four rings. 

How does the daily/weekly Pomodoro technique works? 

1 Breakdown tasks into effort and time – The first step will be to create a to-do list of the tasks and divide the time for each task considering an effort.

2 Take an Oath – The next step is to cut all the gaps while the task at hand, doing so, you will learn to value your time by handling inevitable interruptions.

3 Plan your Pomodoros – After a few trial and error, you’ll be able to predict how many Pomodoro it’s about to be needed to complete tomorrow’s or next week’s tasks. 

4 Review – Don’t sprint to tasks as soon as the counter strikes. Review all the work you’ve done before to make the Pomodoro more effective.

5 Creating a timetable – To better understand where your time will flow, A timetable is a great way to set limits and enjoying your time off without discomfort.

6 Time to evaluate – Now, you’re using Pomodoro to reach your goal much efficiently. Once in a while, you can adjust the timetable to max out the performance and to allow more brainstorming ideas.

What are the benefits of Pomodoro?

Pomodoro technique is not just about preserving time and enjoy life, it’s more about being productive while saving time, and as a result, you find life quite interesting, and worth living. Once you set your foot into it, you realize not only is your time under your control, but you are also handling other aspects of life like a boss. Your overall mindset gets changed, and you start to unclothe the fear of being accountable and learn to simplify things around you. So to work off your lousy schedule, and get a balanced, prolific lifestyle, here are some of the experimented benefits of applying the Pomodoro technique in life. 

Handle interruptions – As you learn to utilize your interval in a short break, you tend to keep yourself away from stress, overtime, and unnecessary calls. 

Cut down boring meetings – By applying such a method, you start valuing genuine stuff and cut all the usual, lengthy meetings down. 

Make fewer errors – You need to create a to-do list beforehand so you can know the estimated time and organize projects accordingly. 

Develop motivation – Once you know the complexity and an effort a task will take, you perform better with more conviction. 

Time becomes your ally – If you are short on time, things come hard, and it paves a way to more stress with the fear of being accountable. Therefore, as you adapt to Podomoro, your time will be your biggest acquaintance.

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Some of the best free Pomodoro timer apps for android & iPhone (2020 edition)

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List

It’s the best Pomodoro app one can use as a timer to get more productive at work. it is quite easy to use, stuffed with necessary tools offering a distraction-free environment. The app allows you to set a Pomodoro timer with your desired time and break. You can plan your day, tomorrows, or upcoming pomodoros using an app, Providing all sorts of settings for free so that you can get real experience at a click of a button. Apart from a timer, the app has a community of over 10 million people, trying to print their name on the leaderboard based on the total time they tracked. Moreover, if not ranking, you can grow saplings when completing the basic activities like login, or completing a task. Once you get the hang of it, you can explore other features like app block, user-guidance, groups, statistics, and more.

To save and sync your data, you need to sign up for its account. The app is available at various platforms like android, ios, mac, windows, and chrome, letting us keep track of everything in one place. However, if you want to dig deeper, maybe $2.99 for the three-month plan is pretty reasonable.  


Pomodoro Timer Lite

It’s exactly the actual form of what we call Pomodoro. The red striped timer gives you’re experiencing for real. Besides, it is a straightforward app with the ability to customize the time, break, and stuff like ticker sound or volume. All you have to do is add a task and tap a start button to initiate a process. As you can notice, the ticker moves to the left until the given time is over. Once the timer is in the flow, you can decide if you want to keep it going or cancel it. 

Given the most basic layout and features, the app lacks task management, note, and stats to check all our completed projects. However, you can unlock the to-do list and stats after upgrading to the premium that we personally don’t suggest. 

Minimalist Pomodoro Timer – Goodtime Productivity

It’s another run of the mill app to work with time using a Cirillo method. It’s a minimalistic, and flexible app you would find quite efficient during work. Whether you want to add colored labels, themes, or get separate work and break notifications, it has all. On a low note, half of its features are premium, so it leaves you with limited choices, clamoring for a one-time $3 amount to unlock every feature. Well, there are a host of features that you can edit after the upgrade – such as dark mode, screensaver, labels, backup, themes, and a few more. 

You can edit timer duration according to your criteria, put it into effect with full-screen mode, and customize break, work, or set a daily reminder, all for free. The best of all, it just needs a single tap on the screen to start and another tap to stop the timer as you won’t see any button around.

Focusmeter Productivity and Pomodoro Timer

If you want to get rid of sneaky ads and in-app purchases, Focusmeter has got your covered. It’s one of the best Pomodoro timer app that has a clean interface jam-packed with useful features. It allows you to monitor time either by using the Cirillo technique or flexible way (no breaks). The developer has done an excellent job by adding a tag option below a timer, making it easier to track sessions through an intuitive calendar. Besides tags, you can add actions to your timeline to make it more appealing, and mindful. However, the calendar alone could have been worth the decent amount for its intriguing details, and clean look, thanks to the maker who hasn’t priced the app. 

The best part is that your data will always be safe as you can export it to Google Drive or Dropbox, depending on where do you want it to send. In the settings, you see a host of options to customize sounds, timer, and display with no strings attached. 

Brain Focus Productivity Timer

Another best pomodoro app with a flexible user interface and tools to keep our time on track. Right on the screen, the app displays a 25:00 timer with a usual 5 minutes break, turning on the timer after tapping up its logo. Next to the logo, a break icon lets you take a short interval before a timer gets started. Once a counter in motion, all you can do is pause, stop, and skip the session. If you want to customize timer duration, you can do so in the settings, along with the other options like notifications, themes, do not disturb mode, so and on. 

Using it, you can create up to three categories with as many tasks you want to. The downside is, as a free user, you will not be able to backup, unlock widgets, remove ads, and push categories limit. 

Pomodoro Smart Timer – A Productivity Timer App

A simple app with a cluttered interface without losing sight of the key features. Like most of the similar apps, this app has a timer with a short break and piles of settings. It allows you to edit time, break, big break, and work sessions. On top of that, you can switch to night mode, and have so many sound settings that you can change for every single session. It has a few themes to play around with, changing the style of the timer, and color of a background. You see every tool, and features at a glance, on the same screen where the timer is. 

You can have the timer set on the lock screen, and keep the screen turn on while you are into a session. For whatever reason, the app is free and posses no in-app purchases. On the other side of the spectrum, you don’t see any data backup option to save your statistics or any activity. 

Focus Timer Reborn

Worrying your data may be wiped out of the device after uninstalling an app? Well, here is a solution. Focus timer reborn is another mediocre app that helps you from being a time-strapped citizen. With it, you can focus for your preferred time, stopwatch and break, or set your own long break sessions, letting you edit pretty much whatever it has. More likely, you can set goals based on a day, week, or a month, and check the logs at a stretch. As to backup data, the app allows you to retain data for 90 days when you don’t upgrade to least a basic plan. Even with the basic plan, your data is retained to 180 days, so to retain it forever, you have to go for either a standard or a premium plan. 

If you are ok with the ads, and limited backup data, then it’s quite a decent app to vouch for. Best of all, upgrading it doesn’t cost you more than a one-time $5.5 – the lowest pay is $1.99. 

Wrapping Up

Thanks for stopping by, and investing your time in this read. We have personally sorted out each best Pomodoro timer app after minutes of review, and usage, trying to provide you the best possible experience. Many times we ended up reviewing the wrong app because we wanted to list free and useful app unbiased. We hope you like this article. Please share and spread love.

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