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6 Best planner apps for students to organize notes, timetables, lectures.

Updated on: September 23, 2022
Best planner apps for students

Gone are the days when students loved diaries to jot down daily activities, homeworks, or anything. Now apps are more efficienty allowing students to create time table, journals, to-do lists, and much more. In the heat of the moment where lockdown has us locked inside our house, and online classes get us clinched onto chairs for long hours, the apps brings in many changes to our education and overall lifestyle. Not only the best planner app for students will cost almost nothing but is also an eco friendly. Undoubtedly, every app is sort of eco-friendly, as they aren’t cutting up tress or affecting nature in any way.

Some may find physical diaries much comfortable, and others may find outdated or ingenious, depending on every individual choice and learning curves.

Best planner apps for students to organize homework (2020 android & iOS)

myHomework Student Planner

It’s a one-stop solution for students to schedule their school or study homework. It’s adaptable to any size of the screen – be it a tablet, or iPad, it works flawlessly without having any effort from your side. The app helps you do all sorts of work related to Studies like – creating a timetable, classes homework, live tutoring, to-do list, calendar, and so on and on. Besides, you can set reminders to get notified and download your teachers’ notes, timetable, class schedules in different file formats. You find every option up in the menu by sliding your fingers to the right of the screen. It’s quite flexible to get access, as it lets you manage your work from Web, so you don’t need to flip over the app, or phone while working on a laptop. 

MyHomework Student Planner has been around from a long haul, giving students a great aid to organize tasks the smart way. It has received loads of coverages in the big-name publications over the years. You require to pay around $4.55 a year to enable uploads, remove ads, unlock themes, and a few other stuff.

Key Features-

  • Has a free widget to track homework from a screen.
  • Most trusted and secured app for students. 
  • Synch homework to other devices using the same login id.

For iphone- Web

Egenda – School Planner & Assistant

It is one of the best homework planner apps for students, developed by the students. It has everything that a physically diary can have, makes it easier for students to jot down notes, add projects, quizzes, and classes on the go. Best of all, it notifies you whenever you set an assignment, due date, or any project ready to get done. Adding a homework using this app is a no-brainer at all as all you need to do is tap on the homework and can start adding a name of a class, set due date, and add notes. In the same way, you can create a quiz, test, or any other project. There is a calendar at the top of screen to view your activities at a click of a button. 

It is safe, quite manageable, and totally free. If you’re a sort of person who doesn’t get easily adapt to an intuitive interface, then Egenda is the best option to go for.

key features

  • Has a simple user interface, best for any age group.
  • Allows you to set multiple reminders for assignments.
  • Keep taps on activities via a calendar. 

For iphone-


It’s another best School planner app for students of any field. ClassUp is a bit intriguing at first glance, cluttered with tools that are not easy to hang of. With this app, you can easily create a host of class schedules, memos, notes, timetables, lectures, and connect with classmates. Moreover, you can have a widget set on a home screen and watch over your daily, weekly, or monthly progress in real-time. You’re required to log in via email or other social media accounts to have access and sync data. Also to use camera, and other features equipped In your device, you have to enable permission from the settings.

When connecting to friends, you can see their schedules or message them if allowed. It is entirely a free application built for students to organise homework, and tasks on the flow.

Key features:

  • Has widgets you can use to see schedules in real-time.
  • Quite overwhelming at first glance. 
  • Stuffed with tons of tools to create a to-do list, memos, notes, lectures, and a few more.

Student Planner – My Study Focus

The perk of using My study Focus is that the students will be able to keep track of their studies much efficiently and smartly without relying on physical diaries. This app is much more than a regular diary as it also calculates your grades of school & college, also helping you organize semester CPA in a better way. Its User Interface makes sure you navigate things easily and as nifty as you can. This planner app for students aims to bring every essential tool stacked up in one place, so users cannot only plan things up but also improve the overall study by monitoring schedules on the flow. It allows you to churn out notes, lectures, create timetables, to-do lists, coarse, and calculate grades. On top of that, it displays random motivational quotes for a better day ahead.

Above all, it’s absolutely free of any in-app purchases; therefore, you get all the tools, features, and future updates without spending a penny. 

Key features

  • Supports back up, import, and export data. 
  • has an integrated grade calculating feature. 
  • Shows motivational quotes to pump you up. 

School Planner by Andrea

For the students wanting to manage all the study work from planning a schedule to add an agenda, it’s the best planner app to give it a go. It’s stable, quirky, and has a modern easy to use user interface. The calendar enables you to manage all sorts of work, displaying listed events, classes, and more. Also, you can create a weekly timetable with multiple colors set in into every subject. What do we like is its weekly report that it generates along with the remaining tasks in hand. For the doer and monitors, it has a widget to be stuck around the screen. 

It does have some limitations over a few features that you can remove by shelling out an onetime amount of around $5. With over 5 million downloads and 4.5+ ratings, the School planner app joins the elite club in the course of study. 

Key features

  • Backs up all your data on Google drive, and synch with devices.
  • Has a dark mode.
  • Lets you create a timetable, prepare lectures, manage grades.

MySchedule: School Planner, Homework & Timetable

Arranging all notes, crafting an eye-catching timetable, or recording lectures isn’t a fun thing to do in diaries, so it’s where this Schedule school planner app comes in. For the students of class fourth to 12th, it’s undoubtedly the best school planner app for organizing Subjects, homework, weekly timetable, routines, teachers’ list, books, and notes. Taking children into account, it has a straightforward user interface designed in a way that kids could connect with it – every subject has its meaningful icon attached to it. For the best notes, you can upload PDF books in here, and read them later, along with a video and picture reference. 

It has been managed to rack up 4.5+ ratings and certainly has a long way to go. Though it’s free, it has decent features that can justify any premium app. 

Key features

  • Keeps a list of teachers and friends with name, address, and photo.
  • Lets you attache books, videos, and pictures from the phone.
  •  Sets daily/weekly planner.
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