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Best mind mapping apps for android, windows, mac, & iOS

Updated on: September 15, 2022
Best mind mapping apps

We are living in an age where technology plays a crucial role in every aspect of our life. No matter who we Are, or Where we Live, millions of life-changing apps are already lurking in our pockets – pardon if you don’t own a smartphone yet.

Though you’re a pen on a paper person or mostly work on a desktop, the flexibility and portability that come with mobile apps are just awesome.

If you use any best mind mapping app, you can save time and effort and have better resources to cater to your need than when you do with a pen on paper.

As of now, we have a volume of such apps available at the play store and app store, but having the best one is still a challenge for seekers.

That said, we’re going to put forward the best mind map apps you can use to brainstorm or create hierarchy tables and many similar patterns. All the apps we are going to round up here are free and paid.

Best apps to create mind maps you can to try now

XMind: Mind Mapping

Rating 4.8+, best for students, and businesses.

Xmind is one of the trusted apps dedicated to mindmaps, serving for over a decade. It has over 30 built-in templates to try and lets you create desktop-class mind-maps from the blank.

With over ten million downloads, it is already being the most trusted app in the field and has notched up a few awards in its name.

To get started, all you need to do is choose a template layout or create a custom layout using its tools. The app saves all your ideas in a local drive, and also it backs iCloud or other cloud storage.

While going premium, you can unfold more templates with tools that you may find useful. To sum up, it combines simplicity and easy-to-use tools draped into an ergonomic user interface. j

iOS | Software (Windows, mac)


rating 4.4+, best for brainstorming, planning.

It’s another best mind mapping app to help organize your inner universe. It has a clean and simple user interface uncluttered with tools. That said, you can have the most immersive experience in structuring your ideas.

Mindly can be used for thought collection, collecting ideas, creating a project, brainstorming, and more. While creating a hierarchy, you can link icons and images to texts to build a complete orbit. Best of all, it allows you to download and share your projects in PDF, Images, texts, and OPML.

It is undoubtedly the best app for creating mind maps. But you have to shell out nearly $5 to have full access to its features.

Whether it is a user interface or intuitive features, the app doesn’t fail to offer both. However, with the upgrade, users can create an infinite hierarchy of elements, unlock a wide range of export options, and more features. Also, It has support for iCloud, Dropbox, and G-drive.

One-time upgrade $5

iOS Web

SimpleMind Lite

rating 4.5+

As the name suggests, it’s a lightweight app to create sophisticated mind maps. It’s available on all three platforms – desktop, android, and iOS. With this intuitive app, you get everything to get started with mind mapping.

And when upgrading for premium, you can unleash more pre-defined templates and more features. Just create a name and link ideas to it, or jot down notes along with links and images. Apart from that, it has an incredible view system for branches.

At a tap of a button, you can position your branches to the left, right, or position manually. Put as many branches as you can manage, or choose a pre-defined template.

Not only has it the traces of layouts or an advanced view system, but it’s also the most trusted and reliable app you can vouch for. To sum up, you need to upgrade (one-time) to unlock templates, integrate links and images.

iOS Web


rating – 4.5+, best for any work.

It’s one of the best apps to create an outlandish train of thoughts in beautiful templates. Just use it for categorizing your ideas to plan simple tasks – to complex projects on the flow.

It’s a feature-packed app and a great tool to have for business, school, and home. The app lets you easily create multilevel, logical hierarchical frameworks in many layout schemes.

Apart from summarizing things, you can use it to make a to-do list, notebook, presentation, slides, and more. Above all, it auto-saves progress so that your work may never get removed on exit. 

As for the functionality, it offers flexibility to users to navigate and have control over data. Despite having decent tools in the list, it’s ad-free and backs various online storage.

Still, you need to pay a few dollars to sync when working simultaneously on multiple devices. On the whole, it’s a user-friendly and intuitive app. To top things up, it even lets you add images and links to tasks.

iOS  Mac


Another decent app with exceptional features, available for Android, Web, Windows, and mac. It is a fully free app dedicated to mind maps. You won’t see any ads popping up While you are occupied structuring your ideas.

On top of that, it has an intuitive yet straightforward interface that keeps you plugged in for a long. It also supports real-time collaboration.

That means you can share your mind maps with friends while still working on the projects. Above all, it’s a great app to edit, export, and share Interactive mind maps.

Mindomo is also the best option to create concept maps in multiple layouts. It all works offline and supports Synching. Along with other cloud storage options, a Mindomo cloud can be used through the Web.

While making branches out of linear thoughts, you can add links, colors, icons, and themes. To sum up, Mindomo is nothing sort of an extraordinary app for real-time collaborations with enhanced features.

iOS | Softwares (Windows Mac | Linux)

Orbit Mind

If you want an aesthetically pleasing user interface to create mind maps, don’t look any further. Orbit Mind has a handful of a run of mill features draped into a single toolbar. Besides, it automatically creates layouts and supports full-screen mode.

As to functionality, it lets users edit, copy, color, undo-redo, and create unlimited document size. When it comes to sending out files, it supports a wide range of export options: OPML, intended text, PDF, Image, SVG, and native orbit format. 

It is appeasing to use the Orbit mind for its easy-to-use features, and for that reason, it is good. But it misses some core features like nodes can’t be collapsed and linked. No cloud storage.

Limited layout control and a few more. But you can organize your chattering ideas, presentations into tree layouts and export them to several formats on the fly.

Best of all, it doesn’t include In-app purchases or has ads. So this app is worth a try.

Wrapping up

So you were looking for the best mind mapping app, we’ve got a few laid out for you. These apps are feature-rich, giving you all the tools you need to structure your thoughts in branches/sub-branches.

These apps share some similar features, but you may have a different experience with every app we’ve listed here. Best of all, every app is free, as they don’t include any free trial. So Give them all a whirl. 

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