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8 Best apps for journaling (android and iphone)

Updated on: September 23, 2022
Journaling apps

Maybe you are looking for the best app for journaling that is secure, easy to use, and packed with features, right?. Well, privacy is still the mainstay of any app that gathers users’ information. Needless to say, apple iOS provides robust security compared to any other OS. Therefore, iOS users pretty much hunt for intuitive, Yet free apps without much worry about privacy. Android is improving with every update that comes with a stable version, removing pesky errors, and providing better security for users. 

Writing a journal is indeed a healthy habit that helps us tap into our minds and pours intrinsic words out. It doesn’t matter if we use a web journal, a physical diary, or any app, all work the same, but experience may differ. Well, it depends on a person which platform they prefer for writing a diary, but we here will talk about apps.

Best apps for journaling (android & iPhone)


What would it be like to have someone write for you and ask mood-related questions to deepen your inner well-being? Well, this app has built-in AI that asks you physiological questions on top of what you want to write. It has an appealing user interface helping you immerse into the writing landscape, and tools to make you creative.

Whatever you inscribe using this app, it gets saved, allowing you to track progress and gain insights. In addition to it, it boasts some motivational greetings every morning the time you start the app. It’s more of a medium to flush away negative thoughts through the tools it offers, and by putting the right mindset and forming positive habits you have nothing to lose. It’s surely the best App for journaling one can use.


$7.49 – $199.99 per item | 4.4 + rating

Journey: Diary, Journal

As the name suggests is a journey journal or a diary that made it to Google editor choice in the years 2019 & 2020. It has probably all you can get in any good diary journal app. Whether it’s about writing a journal or securing your memories, personal thoughts, or anything – the app does it all.

Forming betters habits, developing gratitude, managing stress, and much other stuff you can do with this app. And back up to Google Drive. Another striking feature by the journey coach is gratitude 365, where you can reflect on your daily activities. At Least give it a go, it’s free, and it only charges you reasonably.


$0.99 – $44.99 per item | 4.6 + ratings


Daily is the best journaling app you can use to write memorable moments and all sorts of activities with moods. Monthly Mood charts is the best feature you can have in a digital journal app, as it’s quite intuitive and track mood over time. In addition to mood charts, you can also keep tabs on your life’s activities daily through a life chart.

The best part is, it lets you set goals, and reminders so that you never forget any memory. It is quite user-friendly and has a different approach to writing a journal. Also, you can see a whole year in colorful pixels – each color has a mood assigned to it.


$0.99 – $23.88 per item |4.7 + ratings


Over the years., writing a journal has been tied to a monotonous kind of activity. Well, this app doesn’t walk that path. The app is more like your daily life go-to moments recorder with mood tracking, albums, and calendar view. You can pin pictures with music on your timeline, and create a photo album that you can later export to google drive or PDF.

It also has the Map feature that helps users to recall memories based on locations. On the whole, it’s easy to use, trusted, and a feature-packed app for daily journaling.

$2.99 – $9.99 per item | 4.7+ ratings

Mind journal

It’s another best app for journaling with tons of tools like mood tracking, gratitude journal, self-care skills, and a few more. For those who even don’t feel like jotting down notes, they can only opt for personal reflection questions that get asked by the app every day. This app is nothing sort of your personal diary coach helping you with so many physiological problems you cope with.

You can write all sorts of things from your best moments of life to writing a life-changing idea; you will always be in charge. One of its features that shows a mood score is a standalone feature that can help you check in your weekly mental state.

No in-app purchases | 4.6+ rating


Some people want a simple yet effective app without too many features and functionality. They want to explore and write their heart out about anything they feel in the moment, so they know themselves better. Unlike any other diary journal app, Presently is completely free, as you won’t see any ads popping up and out while drilling down the tools. 

 It has some features missing like – attaching an image, calendar view, and other fancy stuff; in the end, it all boils down to a better editor and stuff that lets track or save progress. Surprisingly, it is one of the best and the only app for journaling that managed to garner a 4.8+ rating across the globe. 

No in-app purchases | 4.8+ rating

Luna diary

Are you a tedious writer? Well, don’t be one, luna has got you covered. Well, the crucial thing that comes to writing a journal is actually what triggers you to write. The more you get triggered to write, the more you get to explore yourself. Following that statement, this app has some beautiful ways to make you fill up the diary. 

As you write a diary, numbers of flowers and stars get populated, and the moon changes its shape based on how many times a diary is written in a month. Above all, you can attach photos, videos, and music to your memory. As of now, it is free but asks for a small fee to remove ads.  

$1.49 – $3.99 per item | 4.6+ rating

Jour: Daily Self-Care Journal

When it comes to security, Jour is the safest app of all. It makes journaling so easy that you won’t feel like writing; instead, mindfulness and tranquility will seem to settle in slowly. The app is currently up for download at the AppStore and is the best journaling app out there. On top of its security, it includes features like gratitude journaling, a guide to journaling with audio, set goals, and progress tracking.

Even therapists and other professionals use and suggest this app for tackling mental conflicts and building a mindful lifestyle. As it’s an iOS app, it’s most likely to charge you a significant amount for using its services only after a free trial ends.

A 1-month trial then $30 a year | 4.9 ratings

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