Best idle games for iOS & android you’d love to play.

Updated: January 10, 2023
Idle tap games

You might be searching for the best iOS and android idle game all over the internet, but doesn’t seem to have found one?. Generally, idle games are considered to be best time killers, as they don’t need arrays of button controls to play, only a tap on a screen is what keeps a game going. Every such game is packed with a specific type of character, and a story to make a different game entirely from one another. You can dig out almost any kind of idle game from building a farming empire to growing a hatch farm to digging a tunnel. Best of all, you can invite friends to collect rewards and play with them as a team or against each other. 

Idle games also dubbed as clicker games are not only perfect past time but also a great way to exercise brain muscles. Such games require enough cognitive skills to be able to sort out tasks and build up an empire. We’ve piled up the few best 2020 idle games for iOS and android you’d love to play.

Best iOS and android idle clicker games

Out of many idle games, the adventure capitalist is the one you shouldn’t miss. It’s really fun, and the entertaining game loaded with the incredible plots that allow you to earn a whole lot of money and grow businesses effortlessly. Right from the beginning, you can dip your toes into and skillfully expand several companies and industries and attract investors on the way. The more money you make, the more investors you attract. There are two ways you can play this game – carrier, and events. Carrier is a freebie way to grow wealth where you can get as many angel investors as you can attract, unlock free rewards, and build behemoth of wealth. In Events, you get Goals to complete in specific time to collect points while building out an empire. The higher the points you accumulate, the higher you reach in the top sixty list. While you’re earning money on autopilot, you can buy or use free ‘Time wrap” to fast forward time for a day or a few minutes just to avoid sitting and watching wealth grow a whole day.  

It’s quite addictive when you are competing or striving to see earning grow. There are ads you can watch for speeding up progress or unlock stuff. To sum up, after leveling up, upgrading stuff seems sluggish, but out of nowhere, “Timewarp” comes to rescue, and gets us out from unrelieved adventure. 

Have a zest to construct buildings, and grow empires out of them?. Yes seriously, using this 3D construction game, you get to construct many popular monuments from scratch and earn an enormous amount of money building them. As you make a building, you need to hire workers either by purchasing Gold, or the money you earn along the way. Every building is different, requiring less or more skilled workers, and an unusual amount of time to get completed. As you reach higher, more complicated construction work you unlock, therefore more money you’ll spend. You make money from completed buildings, watching ads, and purchasing golds. When feeling tedious watching workers laying bricks by bricks, you can take the help of PowerUp to give progress a little boost.  

Moreover, you can decorate buildings, spin wheels to get free rewards, and call the super builder to multiply construction speed. Best of all, it runs offline. It has a 4.5+ rating and got downloaded over 10 million times alone at Playstore.

You would have probably not heard about this popular mine simulator game. If you want to be a mine tycoon billionaire, then this is for you. By mining, you can increase wealth digging out coal, gold, ruby, and other gems that you spend on hiring proficient managers and buying equipment to boost up your mining. It’s much more fun in levelling up a mine career and becoming a wealthiest industrial manager tycoon that clashing a leaderboard. Unlike other idle games, you don’t need to tap on screen mindlessly, as you can increase your passive income by automating your mining workflow. You can manage more than 20 mines at a time, and collect as many coals and golds as you can. 

Despite being the best iOS & android idle game, it runs offline and online both without an obstruction in a workflow. With online, you can get a few shots of collecting rewards by watching ads and shop for more golds and gems.

This clicker game lets you print unlimited money through a tower empire. You have got to purchase every tower as soon as you have enough cash piled up in the wallet. Each tower makes you money 24/7. To automate the clicking process, you have to buy managers for each tower for getting a job done. After every few upgrades, you can multiply growth of a business or upgrade to free boosters to further skyrocket your business empire. You have real-time while raking in cash, but if running short in time and want to time travel, then you can hire a mad scientist to build a time machine for you. To be the part of an elite community in a leaderboard, you have to work your way up to the wealthiest list.

Cash.in is jampacked with loads of rewards, and surprises, thus requiring an internet connection to keep a game up and running. It ticks all the boxes to be the best iOS idle game to see cash grow. As of now, it has around 20 million downloads and earned a 4.5 rating.

prison escape

Prison Empire

Running prisons might seem hard at first glance, but this idle game can make you a prison magnate effortlessly. It differs from a lot of similar games as it demands a bit of effort to arrange stuff for prisoners from the ground up, making a whole thing a bit complex to get hang of. Before you plunge into any action, an officer gives a tutorial on how the prison works and earns cash. Money flows in for every prisoner entry and exit, and also you get rewards for completing tasks. The other way around to create capital is via watching ads, taking loans, and purchasing for real cash. The bigger prison you own, the better prisoners you get, thus multiplying wealth as you climb up the ladder. 

With cash in hand, you have to arrange a host of stuff for prisoners like cell module, dinner hall, laundry, security, water facility, electricity e.t.c. Besides, you can also participate in events and share what you worth. Prison empire tycoon has collectively around 5 million downloads and garnered 4.2+ ratings.

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tap tap dag

Tap Tap Dig

As the name suggests, it is an idle clicker game developed by the Iron horse games LLC. May be digging earth doesn’t entice you, but the way it is set up, coin rains while digging slowly and steady, you face a variety of rocks in a way. To be blunt, it takes forever to dig out the earth with limited resources you get, so you need to spend every asset on evolving more damage power and recruiting skilled diggers to help you excavate. You don’t stop with just having helpers on your side, as they also need the power to dig more powerfully and quickly to unearth more assets like gold, diamonds, or ruby. Most importantly, unlike other idle game, it is mainly click centered, and having a time wrapped auto tapping that seems avoidable. 

Also, you have plenty of ways to multiply progress through shopping. If you have all the time in the world and are ready to jump in straight to dig out ruins of history, then it is a great pastime. 

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milk factory

Milk Factory

Want to feel like having a biggest cow milking factory empire? Milk factory has got you covered. It’s an impeccable android and iOS idle game built by the Green panda; the same team developed idle construction 3D. It’s a straightforward game where you have to sell milk the cows yield 24/7. In the beginning, you get one cow, and the limited capacity of a container for storing milk, and the factory where milk gets sold. As you upgrade cows, factory, and milk keeping container, the whole business takes a whirl. You can fit in up to three cows in each compartment, and upgrade them up to a certain level until the other department of more milking capacity cows gets unlocked. For the best note, everything is automated, as you don’t have to tap repeat for every cow to yield milk. 

On top of that, it has ads that swirl down to screen after every minute or two, allowing you to give a process 2x boost. Above all, it runs offline and is free of any sort of purchasing. It’s certainly the best iOS & android idle game for building a dairy empire and understanding the power of milk.

best idle game

Egg, Inc

It’s undoubtedly the best iOS & android idle clicker game to grow an egg farm empire off the shack. It’s ideally a clicker game require continous clicking for an exponential growth of a business. So here how it goes – you release a swarm of chickens to the hatchery house by tapping up continuously and then sell eggs to earn money. As you reap in cash, you can upgrade hatchery capacity, egg value, egg capacity, shipping vehicle capacity, and loads of things that help surplus business growth. Starting from a little egg quality, the more valued eggs you’ll sell, and unlock more pricey yet productive stuff along the way. Egg.inc is not only the best idle game but also the best looking 3D clicker game one could ever play.

After completing every mission, you collect piles of dollars and precious eggs as a gift. Also, it has ads that unlock random rewards when get watched. It’s a freemium app that works offline and online both. Currently, the app has nearly 15 million downloads, and over a 4.6+ rating at Playstore

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best idle tap game

Juice Farm

 If you have ever thought about kickstarting a juice factory, and making a solid empire out of it, then this frenzy game is for you. It’s a single-player game that runs offline, and online both. You start with a farm, and rise to several farm holders by gradually seeding, watering, lighting, and harvesting different types of fruits, and vegetables. With every level, you get to bump up performance, so you earn more money fastly. Once you have enough cash lurking, you can start a host of factories like juice, cake, and others. Every factory has its upgrade for boosting up performance. To track your progress, and see where you are, you can jump to the Map that lets you locate into different farms, and buy other land parts too. Apart from that, it brings lots of rewards (coins, and diamonds) & games meanwhile, allowing you to earn a hefty amount of cash by watching ads or spending diamonds. 

Juice Factory is more of a farming simulator than a juice factory itself. You need to tap tons of clicks even after employing a well-skilled farmer. Not only you have to tap farms, but also the boxes that pack fruits, and vegs until hiring a highly upgraded workman. On the whole, it’s a decent idle clicker game that allows you to make beefier cash 24/7. 

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idle light city

Idle Light City

A city wrapped in darkness needs you to light up its every house, and build a city of your dream, are you ready?. It’s quite a relaxing idle clicker game that is easy to play and is for any age. Light City has power production running 24/7, but lacking bulbs that could attract people to have a dwelling. Your task is to give light to houses, so there can have a population Sharing the city. Jumping on to the opportunity, you can build a mega lightbulb factory by providing lightbulbs to houses to discovering the whole city. As you unlock more buildings, the difficulty level increases, sprouting lightbulb production, and thus the revenue. To give the gameplay a slight flight, you need to upgrade bulb production, bulb frequency, and other elements, so the business doesn’t shatter.  

If picking up cash is sort of wear you out, then you can buy auto picker to collect cash That houses generate. It supports online and offline both, though playing with an internet seems a bit luscious as you get rewards by watching ads. Up to this writing, Light city has around 10 million users and totalled an average rating of 4.5 at the play store and app store.

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Penguin isle is the place where penguins grow. It’s undeniably the best iOS idle game to play offline, and online both. For more gifts, and participating in events, online is the best option. Right from the start, a whole bunch of a guide through take you to places, showing how the game works. There is a penguin in an island fishing out to collect some gold that you can spend off on upgrading things. As the game goes by, many eggs come alive, collecting more gold by doing different types of activities. After a while, you have a Fishman, miner, and a farmer, along with penguin crue living upon the island happily, and you’ve every gold in the world for flourishing it. Anyway, it would be fun having an entire island unlocked, and see hoards of penguins together with other denizens. 

If you’re buff and want to fast forward gameplay, you can get or purchase boosters to move time ahead without losing any progress and as well unlock many crafts, and assets that take hours of attention if done without boosters. So far, it has over 10 million downloads on every platform combined, with an average 4.3+ rating. 

Wrapping up

These are some of the best entertainment pastimes you can play right off the bat. The download size for every app range from 50 MB-200 MB. Most of the apps have support for offline and log in to save progress, so you can start from where you left off. Above all, every ios or android idle game is mostly freemium, but that doesn’t make fun any less.

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