We all are squeezed in a little time frame, where counting every minute is essential for many. Maybe you are pursuing your college degree, or running a giant tech company, your habits define you and your work style. So, keeping track of habits is not only building up ethics for you, but they are crucial for life management. In this hectic lifestyle, many use diaries and they end up tracking habits for a week or two. Thanks to the developers for developing habit tracker apps so that we can stick to our plan on the go. 

A good habit tracker app has to be flexible, super easy, and ads-free for the best possible experience. As too many ads, and features might impede your capability of habit tracking. After scouring the play store and app store, we tested each app, and based on our experience, we recommend these habit tracking apps.

Best Habit tracker apps for android and iphone (2020 edition)

Loop Habit Tracker Free

Loop Habit Tracker

Loop habit tracker is our all-time favorite app. For a distraction-free tracking and advert-free experience, it is the best bet. Don’t expect any other feature other than a habit tracking from this app, as it is best at what it does. You can have it set on your devices home screen, allowing you to keep tabs on your progress of all the active habits. 

In addition, it lets you see your habits performance in streaks and frequency. Moreover, you can track each habit by tapping on it, showing you a comprehensive weekly/monthly analysis in a graph. The best part about this app is it’s quite minimalistic, all you need is to tap-hold to complete a task. The only disadvantage of using this app is that it has no support for Google Drive or other cloud storage, but you can export data in CSV or SQLite. Still, you have to add check marks through apps like tasker, a task automation app. 

Repeat Habit - Habit tracker for goals Free+

Repeat Habit - Habit tracker for goals

If you the kind of person who can’t stretch things for too long, then this app is pretty much what you looking for. It has an intuitive UI that is flexible, and easy to use, allowing you to add habits through the push of a button. There is a progress bar left to where you mark your habits, so you can progress while setting goals. You can also keep tabs on your habits in detail, filter by date, month, or year. In case, it’s getting hard for you to push through, then the app has some success driving quotes tailored for you.

The app does the best job reminding your “why” while adding any habit, thus doing what it takes to remind your intent. Summing up all, you will be to able set reminders three times a day. Though it’s free, there is an option to remove forceful ads.

Habitify: Habit and Daily Routine Tracker Free+

Habitify: Habit and Daily Routine Tracker

Habitify Habit Tracker had started its journey through the app store and went on to offer brilliant service, therefore, it’s the best habit tracker app you can try. This apparently has the best User interface and services that any habit tracker can provide for free. Unlike many popular apps in the field, it backs real-time synch with multiple platforms and third-party cloud storage for exporting data, thus ensuring our data is safe and secure. To top things up, you can set goals, and track your weekly habits in streaks.

On top of tracking streaks, the app lets you keep records of your progress simultaneously in graphs, showing insightful analytics of your habits at a glance. On a low note, the app is somewhat limited to use features like dark mode, habit-notes, privacy lock, widget, countless reminders, and export.

iOS –

Goalify - My Goal, Task & Habit Tracker Free+

Goalify - My Goal, Task & Habit Tracker

Goalify is the best run of mill app you can have to set goals, create habits, tasks, and connect with friends. Not only it gets your friends to create challenges and groups, but you can also chat with them. However, some of the features are locked, and limited, so if you are ready to pony up then this app perfectly fits into your criteria. Being a free member, you can set up three goals, habits or to-do, and track without any other restrictions.

The UI quite suffices simplicity and is minimalistic compared to other relevant apps. The app allows you to create a category for a different set of habits so it may get easier for you while looking for a specific habit.

iOS –

iHabit - Habit Tracker and Reminder Free+

iHabit - Habit Tracker and Reminder

It’s another excellent app to monitor habits on a weekly basis. The has easy to use interface with a duo light mode, making it up to you depending on your style. For the skip fanatics, this app lets skip any day of any habits – by doing this you break the streak. The beautiful visual display, animations, and the ability to note-taking set this app apart from the rest.

The statics display the most successful habits, and the habits you skipped most, completed, and the one you threw under the towel. Above all, you can view your overall stats through a full year dot display calendar. It’s is free to use, but asks about a one-time fee to remove adverts.

Higher Goals - Goal Setter & Habit Tracker Free+

Higher Goals - Goal Setter & Habit Tracker

What if you could breakdown your goals into steps? well, this app has got you covered. Using this app you can split your task into sub-tasks or the steps that complete the main task. The app lets you set long-term goals, and micro habits, allowing you to organize and Visualize all in one place. Moreover, you can keep tabs on your results using in-depth weekly analytics, and as well as set reminders for a specific habit.

Akin to similar apps, you get to see motivational quotes daily to keep the momentum. The app is clean, has intuitive UI built to amplify your mood, and serving the best possible experience. It comes with a 7-days free trial, then charges on a yearly/month membership.


Timecap: Habit tracker & Self care Free+

Timecap: Habit tracker & Self care

Time cap has a unique approach towards habit tracking. Many habits tracking apps you would see use a common tap & and hold design in a response to complete a task, but here things are different. Using this app you can set a benchmark for a specific habit – like how many times you want to eat or do push-ups in a day, the app lets you do that. Apart from that, you’ll be able to limit the time you spend on the task and add poor habits you want to drop.

Timecap has an ingenious statistics, where you can monitor your states and streaks. Well, it’s free and contains in-app purchases to avail full features.


Boosted - Productivity & Time Tracker Free+

Boosted - Productivity & Time Tracker

Boosted, featured in the best 2019 app for android, is now more secure, and come through a slew of features to bake into the app. It’s another best habit tracker with a time monitoring feature, allowing you to merge tasks into a project as a Timecap does. The only difference is it’s a bit intuitive and has flexible functionality that makes chase our habits more manageable. There is a statistics you can use to track progress for both tasks and projects, thus showing you an average daily tracked duration.

You don’t need to wary of your data, as it supports Google drive that automatically saves your data, or you can export to CSV for further use. The app is ad-free, has a dark mode, and has various fancy tools to kindle up your day.

Grow - Habit tracking Free

Grow - Habit tracking

Do you love watching trees grow while working on your habits? well, this app has your back. The unparalleled and easy to easy layouts make the way out to better habit tracking. You can add a habit right after launching an app, and track progress as soon as you go past a day. when dealing with procrastination, or low drive to continue any habit, the app lacks overblown features to gear you up, but has a moto “you are all alone with your habits.”.

It’s a free habit tracker app that you can ever have with such amazing features. Best of all, it has no later in-app purchases and is completely ad-free.

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DoneFlow - Habit & Goal Tracker Free+

DoneFlow - Habit & Goal Tracker

By: DoneFlow

Done flow is undoubtedly the best freemium habit tracker app for android. It lets you create small milestones for your habits to be able to finish tasks on time. Besides, you can check the strength of your streak, challenge yourself by creating milestones, and keep tabs on your progress. With a calendar, you monitor your habits, getting to see all forms of habits you created to date. 

Here is a bummer, the free membership is quite effective up to creating five habits so to add further habits and unlock features like back up, dark mode, and widget, you can opt for the premium membership. 

Wrapping Up

When it comes to productive habit tracking, consistency is the key. No app can help you if you lack persistence, and drive to follow through the route to form a task into a habit. Therefore, we’ve listed some of the best habit tracker apps for android and iPhone to help you set audacious goals, and track progress along the way. We are adding more apps to the list, and if you have any suggestions or an app that you think is worth the list then do comment down below.