6 Best gender swap apps for android (Not Faceapp)

6 Best gender swap apps for android (Not Faceapp)

looking for a best gender swap app? we have rounded up the list for you.

After arrival of apps, it has become so easy to swap any character at a tap of a button. Prior to apps, software such as Photoshop, and some online websites were mainly being used for such activity. That said, only a few people who were good at software, and coding were only able to swap up faces, while other people had had to fork out to get a job done.

Now, anyone can change any character’s face, beard, mustache, or anything related using a gender swap app without paying a dime. So, that’s what we call innovation and freedom to do something that was a holy grail to achieve the few years back. There are piles of apps at the google play store, so finding any best that fits our needs is a challenging job. With that in mind, we have researched some of the best gender transformation apps to help you to fool around with your face and body.

Best male to female changer apps for android (2020 edition)



By: Snap Inc

Snapchat is the worldwide accepted chatting platform being used mostly in the U.S and a few European countries. It’s one of the most intuitive filter apps with unparalleled features. Apart from chatting, it has a wide range of filters and after-effects that you can use while live video chatting, or editing a photo before sending it to friends. The filters and emojis it offers are top-notch, made to deliver smooth performance without holding back a quality.

Using one of its filters, swapping a face is quite automated, as it transforms your face into a woman or a man without losing a real facial features.

Main features

  • Lets you track friends location on the Map.
  • When tab, it captures an image right to the camera, and when hold press, records a video.
  • After the collaboration with Bitmojis, you can share some cool emojis and have fun.
Old Age Face effects App: Face Changer Gender SwapFree

Old Age Face effects App: Face Changer Gender Swap


It seems like the better alternative to face app, except it doesn’t store users’ data. This app makes you old and young, gives you a babyface, makes you smile, and grows beard, hair & mustache. On top of that, it allows you to apply stickers on your image, giving a real look with slightly noticeable glares. The app claims to have been using some quality filters that add great detail to an old face.

It sizes about 22 Mb and has been download for over a half a million times alone at the play store.

Main features – 

  • Uses funny face filters for your image.
  • Applies stickers on your image.
  • It helps you add a fat face to your image.
Face Changer 2FreePremium

Face Changer 2

By: Scoompa

It’s one of the most notable face-swapping editors with loads of free interesting tools. You don’t need to be an astronaut to disembark on Mars or the moon. The app can effortlessly place you in different backgrounds without dealing with complicated tools, and coding. There are over 600 stickers that you can attach to any image by just dragging to and forth. The best part is, it lets you take a selfie of your face, allowing you to edit before sharing with friends.

The app is cluttered with extraordinary tools, so it can be a bit overwhelming at first to get adapt to it.

Main features –

  • Swaps face with anyone in the world.
  • Applies morph effects including – an alien, fat, skinny, monster, and many more.
  • Lets you replace body parts with the endless objects on any subject.
  • Blend you with different backgrounds, letting you import your own image.
  • Automatically creates an artistic making of” video that you can show to your friends.
Cupace - Cut and Paste Face PhotoFree

Cupace - Cut and Paste Face Photo

By: Picmax

Are you trying to shake clumsy apps off your smartphone’s screen? Why not use this one. Cupace is one of the best free gender swap apps ideally works on a cut-paste functionality by highlighting parts of the images. Apart from that, you can add texts and stickers to images, and make a beautiful template, quotes, memo, and many things with this one single app. You can save all the cropped faces in the face gallery folder, from where you can pick any used item, and re-apply it to any other image endlessly.

The app is free and lightweight but contains ads that may junk up your experience – A one-time payment will remove adverts forever. After all the work is done, you can save your photos or share them on the numerous sharing platforms.

Main features – 

  • Lets you zoom and cut images by drawing a path using a magnifying glass.
  • Adds stickers, and texts to your images that you can share later.
Auto Photo Cut PasteFreePremium

Auto Photo Cut Paste

It’s another auto cut paste app for swapping a face and erasing a background from an image. It comes stacked with a few editing tools like auto-erase, manually erase, undo-redo, and zoom. If you are new to cut paste app, then this app is a great place to start, as it’s quite handy, and gives similar tools like Photoshop.

Summing up, it’s a straightforward app where you can swap a face and a background, and it’s is done by a color detection AI that selectively crops out a picture, and lets you place a different picture on that cropped area.

Main Features-

  • Stores 30+ HD backgrounds to place under images.
  • Cut the people out, and move them to different backgrounds.
  • Lets you swap a face with an animal’s face.
Gender Swap Changer Photo Maker - Look Like A GirlFree

Gender Swap Changer Photo Maker - Look Like A Girl

By: RRStudio

To be blunt, there is no such app that works on A.I to turn you completely into opposite gender. Currently, you may find apps using filters, and some fake body parts to apply on your face to make you look like a man or vice versa. The app does the best job in transforming male to female with the help of some stickers, and filters, applying proper makeup onto your face.

Well, it’s probably not the best gender swap app for android you’re looking for, but it transform a male into a girl, woman, or transgender. Besides, you can play around with beards, mustache, and some cool hairstyles. The best part is, all the stuff is free.

Main Features – 

  • Has a collection of layered make-up parts lined up to be fused onto your face
  • It Changes hair color, grows beard, mustaches, and much more.
  • Let us share images socially.

Wrapping Up

Maybe you want to impersonate somebody, or make funny faces and share with friends or colleagues. Surely these are the best-picked apps by our staff, laid out for you to give best possible experience. As you can see, the play store and app store have thousands of similar apps, but after downloading them, you’ll find false promises and clickbait. So, before walking right into, you can download any best gender swap app from here and save your time like a pro.