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5 best epub reader for android to get work done

Updated on: March 2, 2022
best epub reader for android

PDF features don’t come as good as Epub features. The epub or an electronic publication book supports a slew of features to make a book reading interesting. With epub, users can save notes, copy words, directly jump into any content, create a library, and much more. So, here we are going to be acquainted with the best epub reader app for android that will hone your book-reading habits.

All epub reader apps aim at creating a reading atmosphere by providing selective tools and features for the bibliophiles. However, now some smartphones do support epub format for reading but still may lack critical features like third-party apps. Let’s barge forward to know the best epub reader apps for android.

Best Epub reader apps for android (2020 edition)

readEra ebook reader

ReadEra – book reader pdf, epub, word

It’s an all in one epub reader app for android that backs host of formats like PDF, WORD, MOBI, TXT, and others. If you are reading a book and found something interesting, then you can save that in Quote by selecting particular words. Apart from that, you can modify the fonts, the size of the texts, page style, margins, and a few more things. To save a full page, you can use a bookmark feature, allowing you to see the full page whenever you want.

There is a section called Favorite, in which users can save their cherished books, and other sections are quite helpful as well. The library is where you keep all your uploaded books, and keep tabs on them, enabling you to customize each title. The most important feature is a dark mode that turns off the light and slashes all the terrible lights affecting your eyes and mood.

playstore ebook reader for android

Google Play Books – Ebooks, Audiobooks, and Comics

Seriously, google playbook is a one-stop solution for reading any book with tons of features. This app only charges when you buy a book from its store. However, users can upload books and can leverage the same features as anyone could after purchasing a book. So, it’s an intact app and is getting better with every update.

Besides reading books, you will be able to create a library and manage titles with ease. As it’s a google based app, your reading experience will be followed by the google translator and its in-built dictionary. Google play books support various types of books ranging from comics to magazines, allowing you to navigate through content, and keeping notes. Billions of people around the world are using it.

moonreader best epub reader android

Moon+ Reader

Well, if you love flipping over pages, then this app got you covered. Its intuitive user interface and reading page is something you can’t hold yourself for so long using it. On top of the design, the app has a myriad of features for free that you can sublimely take an interest in. Undoubtedly, It’s one of the best epub reader app for android, offering tons of different options to aid in your reading experience.

Akin to the playbook app, it too has a translator, and dictionaries to make your work easier. The library in itself looks like a real 3D shelf that can keep your books as if they are real.

pocketbook epub reader for android

PocketBook reader 

Another fantastic app with a minimalistic design to read epub books along with other formats. It lets you navigate through book contents, allowing you to take notes, save, bookmark, translate, and more. If you don’t like reading words, then you can hear words out by tapping up the audio button displayed when selecting texts.

It’s free and includes a host of features like a library, store, audiobooks, making it a complete ebook-reading tool. With the help of this app, you can manage to upload your books and arrange like any library – you can check the books you have read previously, and the book you are currently reading.

eboox epub reader free


If you don’t know about this app yet, then you have missed the whole enchilada of things that this app has to offer. The modern, easy to use features can really help you sink into reading books. Adding books and creating shelf has never been so easier before until this app came into the fray.

While reading a book, you can pick any word or two and jot down a note or bookmark a page if needed. The best part is, this app supports all types of orientations and page styles so that you can read books in any position. Like most of the apps mentioned here, it works offline, and sync files for android devices.

Wrapping up

Our list ends here. These epub reader apps will be efficient for the millennials out there. Some apps might be little mean by throwing ads, but you can remove once you buy adverts removal service. Don’t take my words for it, try on your own, and share your experience of an app.

By ankit raghuwanshi