9 Best dream journal apps to help get a lucid dreaming

Updated on: March 2, 2022
dream journal apps

Dreams don’t last for so long in our memory, but they have a conceptualize sense of reality or imagination that we tend to overlook.

Dreams don’t slip out of our mind in a flash, as they can stick around in your mind for as long as five minutes to a whole day, depending upon the kind of dream it is.

Rather than trying to solve a mystery out of your dream, it’s better to jot down your dream in a diary or app. With the help of any best dream journal app, you will be able to draft up some dream notes, and there is much more you can do with a dream journal app.

A diary or a paper journal might help you do the same stuff, but sometimes it gets hard traveling with a diary for such a trivial causw. We prefer an app over a diary because an app is much secure, eco-friendly, and doesn’t eat up ink. 

Before you miss to jot down any other dream, let’s jump straight into the best dream journal apps for android and iPhons.

Best dream journal apps for android and iOS

Dream Catcher

As we’ve stated, dreams are overlooked. That’s why you see a few downloads to a very best dream journal app. Keeping other’s choices aside, let’s know what this app holds.

Credit must go for the developer team for making such an awesome dream interpretation app that is useful and convenient.

The dream catcher is a free dream journal app offering an extra layer of security for your dreams. There are tags to help you describe your dreams as important facts, and also, it has parameters like nightmares, lucid, analyzing dreams based on emotions.

The app is free to use to some extent, as to unlock synching via Google, or to analyze individual tag patterns; you have to have a premium membership.

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Lucid – Dream Journal 🌙

It’s a one-stop solution for analyzing your dreams. It’s easy to use and houses a handful of features to help you take notes about your dreams. The app does a better job by letting users set a reminder before jumping out of bed, so they don’t forget their dream.

If writing is something that bothers you, the voice memo can also help you save dreams, while removing some load off your fingers. With writing a dream note, you can assign tags related to something your dream resonates with.

The app has a filter, and calendar views that narrow down the search, where you can check all the saved data. The app lets you save all your data to the google drive, allowing you to synch in devices.

Dream Journal Ultimate

This app has it all to turn your blurry dream into a lucid one. Using it, you can save as many dreams as you can or share to a dream wall – a public wall created for others to share dreams, allowing to comment, and like others’ dreams.

As you get out of slumber, it’s likely not forgetting a dream, so a reminder is in place, making sure you write your dream on time.

It allows you to add tags, Sync dreams, view similar dreams, thus offering a great aid as a dream journal app. The best of all, the UI is quite simple and dark in the background that easily comes in handy with a lot of your dreams.

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Lucidity – Lucid Dream Journal

Lucidity, in short, is the best dream interpretation app that helps you enlist your dreams with some cool mood tags. Whether it is the features or a well immersive design, that’s all encapsulated in this one app. The app lets you take notes of your dreams, save them locally or to your google drive.

Users can easily find out their archived dreams using a filter or search and check the type of dreams they frequently experience. Going to statistics, the graph displays the overall dreams in colors based on emotions.

Lucid dreaming is quite possible with this app, either by writing them or saying vocally, as it supports audio too.

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You would lose your bet if you think a best dream journal app doesn’t have a fresh, modern UI, and it’s also unnecessary. The lucy is an elegant, and easy to use app supporting all sorts of android versions. Similar to other dream journal app, it has hoards of features that help save your dreams with style.

Unlike any other app in the league, lucy records your snoring or talking through machine learning, helping you keep track of your mumbling during sleep. Users can back up their data and synch across other devices so that they don’t start all over from scratch. This app comes for a one-time $0.99, giving you full tight security, no ads, and other in-app purchases.


Somnio: dream journal

Are you looking for a free dream dairy app with no in-app purchases? Then this app has got your covered. It’s highly secure and doesn’t display adverts. The app lets you assign tags to link topics and categories to sort out your dreams, allowing you to search dreams, and export them.

Somnio has a pretty modern and straightforward user-interface that anyone can handle, and be immersed in right after installing the app. Organizing your dreams with this app is something you would love to the core, but tags are not editable, so write them wisely. Overall, it’s a great app for organizing dreams, and especially for those who don’t like adverts to junk up their experience and unwelcomed in-app purchases to switch off a mood.



A must-have app for the folks who are in awe of lucid dreaming. Awoken, as the name suggests, this app offers tools to acquire a lucid dreaming state, and organizing dreams daily. Apart from that, it has a reality check reminder that you can set to ensure whether you are still dreaming or out of slumber.

You can use this app as a dream journal, or to learn about lucid dreaming from the ground up. Above all, it’s a perfect tool to hack your dream. The app has a good reputation on google play store, So it made it in our list of best dream interpretation app.


Lucidity Level: Lucid Dreaming Tool/Dream Journal

Do challenges keep you moving? Well, this app has some lucid Challenges that may look interesting. With writing a dream, tagging, and setting up a pin, the app has a lot more to put on the table. Users can track their lucid progress, thus can improve their lucid dreaming progress over time, and it’s quite a vogue feature to include in any dream diary app.

Its utterly dark interface perfectly matches our dream’s background and is quite easy to use despite a myriad of features. Now let’s get down to reality; the app is clamoring for a small one-time $1.99 and, in return, cutting all ads and future in-app purchases.

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Diaro – Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker with Lock

Diaro is a great application to write any kind of notes with pictures, and moods. If you like an idea of tagging pictures along with your notes, then this app is for you. The user interface is quite intuitive, and friendly, decluttered with tools, so you easily navigate through features. You can write as many notes as you want, and synch with other devices before backing up.

The app lets you see through statistics, where you can view your history, progress, and mood counts. On top of that, Users can export files (PDF, TXT, CSV), and import data from sources like evernote, Google keep, Momento, and many more.

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Wrapping Up

So what is lucid dreaming? These are the apps to help you attain a lucid dream – A state where a dreamer is already aware of the fact that he is dreaming. The listed apps are well built designed, stuffed with excellent tools. To write a dream note with moods and emotions, all you have to do is to have any free dream journal app, but premium apps offer an extensive set of tools, in which some are ludicrous.

If you don’t find the app you’re looking for, then feel free to send us a message with the app name, or comment us down below, so that we can add in our list. Thanks for reading, do spread some love by sharing.

By ankit raghuwanshi