Are you looking to get rid of the old dialer theme off your phone? If yes, you have landed in the right place. A good dialer maybe not a great deal for many folks, but it can help us tune up with many things the regular dialer can’t. Well, every phone comes incorporated with its own dialer, but with the growing number of android apps, it is now feasible to switch to any best phone dialer app.

As there is the behemoth of apps available at the play store, it’s now even more challenging to pick up any single app that may fit into your terms. Therefore, we are here, so you won’t have to swirl around with the thoughts of picking up apps.

Apart from calling or dialing, such apps are highly customizable and rammed with useful features with no strings attached. So, let’s dive into the top dialer apps for android to get things done in 2020.

Best phone dialer apps for android (2020)

Hangouts Dialer – Call Phones

hangout dialer app

Hangouts dialer is the very first phone dialer app that Google introduced to us back in 2013. It’s a kind of simple contact app you can use to dial and connect with friends. But here is the catch, with hangouts dialer app, you can call any number mostly in U.S and Canada for free using carrier data.

With Hangout, it is more accessible to keep an eye on the caller picture while somebody’s calling on your phone. For an unknown reason, this app has not been updated for many years, but still an app we can trust as to the security

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Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID: drupe

drupe dialer for android

This app is a one-stop solution if switching to another contact dialer that supports a number of features. It seamlessly integrates into the mobile system and facilitates the tasks like adding animated gifs to your calls, SMS, blocking spam calls, let you see recent feeds, and more.

Recording calls has never been simple before, as its built-in call recorder allows recording both sides of the calls with a simple user interface provided with different options. Above all, you can find out the duplicate contacts and resolve them using the phonebook. The cross dialer is fun to use, offering you to make quick calls and send messages. As of now, it has been downloaded over 10 million times at play store, is trusted by over 20 million users worldwide.

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AppDialer Pro, instant app/contact search, T9

appdilaerpro phone dialer

Appdialer pro is a free dialer app with loads of amazing features making an android phone a smart hub for calling. Unlike similar apps, this app lets you access the other apps/calls through its dial screen, So you won’t have to swipe back and forth to open other apps from the dial screen. You can also shoot the quick launch panel whenever needed.

Using its predictive algorithm, you get a qwerty keypad equipped with a horizontal Numpad to be operated single-handedly. As to the contacts, the more you use of it, the better the personalized results you get, showing you the contacts you use most beforehand.

The app is new to enter the fray, as it has been downloaded over 10k times at play store with a whooping 4.6 stars ratings.

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Speed Dial Widget – Quick and easy to call

speed dial widget - a quick dialer app

It is one of the best quick dial apps you can have on your phone for a variety of purposes. It has an intriguing user interface and a few themes to go with your widget; you can set in the phone’s home screen as a shortcut.

What more interesting is, using a widget, you can create different groups for different people and manage your phonebook from there. And if you uninstall an app and figuring out if all data will be lost, well, you can backup your data and restore the old data anytime.

It’s doesn’t stir up the Numpad to change in style; instead, it makes it easier for users to launch the whole contact book and stuff like SMS, MMS, e.t.c. Currently, at play store, it totals over 10 million downloads and racking in 4.5 ratings.

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Dialer Style OS13

dialer style android

It’s another dialer android app that helps you look at the contacts in a different way. Adding your favorite contacts lists in groups is quite easy with its iOS style themes. It lets you block calls that harass you, allowing you to have full liberty as for calls.

Because it has distinct themes, users can pick any themes they want, and apply at a click of a button. All the features are free, but it contains ads, so purchasing it can eradicate adverts too.

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Phone+ — Dialer, Call Blocker

phone plus dialer

It is one of the best free dialer apps for android replacing your previous contact features, and stuffed with unique functionality. It’s quick, different, allows recording, and free.

It identifies the fake calls or the ones that are spam, blocking them, and lets users find out the unknown calls. Using this app, you can set different video ringtones to your different contact, so if anyone calls you, you can see the video playing up while the call is ringing. Apart from video ringtones, fingerprint scanning to answer the call is what makes it stand out from the rest of the dialer apps.

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Wrapping Up

There are so many similar apps to try, but here are some of the free, yet useful phone dialer apps for android that can be the fixed substitute for the regular dialer themes. No matter how many features an app has unless it’s quick and uncomplicated, It won’t be able to please the audience.