Best City building games for android & iOS

Updated: February 16, 2023
Best City building games

You have probably been played enough of idle tap games, and now want to try out some of the best idle city building games right?. Building a real city takes ages, but here you can build in a day or two and even accumulate cash along the way. Mostly, city-building games are fun-packed, easy, yet challenging enough to wrap our heads around. When reaching a higher level, you need to have more resources, therefore require more money to be able to complete tasks. Apart from piling up cash, you enjoy every bit of playing whether it is providing electricity for people, opening up markets, collecting tax, or anything that comes under a better civilization. So here are our best iOS & android city building games of 2020 to build your dream city.

Best city building games for android and iOS (2020).


Township is one of the best iOS & android city building games you can play in 2020. It’s intuitive, having appealing 3D graphics, and loaded with plenty of stuff that help you build your dream city. With Township, you will be able to do certain types of activities like farming, dairy, bakery, unlocking houses, factories bridge, rivers, and more. Initially, you start with farming, and few cows, then keep on untangling things with ample of cash after certain levels. It’s a great pastime for building up your dream city from a scratch, and to earn money out of oodles of sources without a tap. One of the main reasons to play Township is that it’s a blend of city and farming, filled with so many exotic animals, trade utilities, and islands that take an adventure to a whole new level.

To play this, you need to be required an internet connection, so you save activities, and play along with friends. New updates are added every week or month that perk up a gameplay experience even more. After having been listed in editor choice, and other renowned publishers, the game is still talk of the town and has managed to gain over 100+ million user community with 4.4+ ratings.


SimCity BuildIt

Looking for the best graphically rich city building game? Simcity has got you covered. It’s nothing sort of masterpiece, developed by none other than the Electronic Arts (EA) Team, specifically for the fanatics out there who love building things up. For the realistic approach, it has got amazing graphics and playthrough that gives you the same feel as if you’re into a real city taking charge of everything city stores. Whether you want to construct a sports stadium, lakes, rivers, police departments, power plants, or resolve pollution & traffic like real problems, the game is up for such ordeals. Apart from bringing architects to life and discovering new technology to life, it also lets you create a system that keeps the cash flow in.

As it’s an online competition game, you can join mayors club, and trade supplies, chat & collaborate to seek suggestions or help others complete their vision. Simcity has around 100 million users working towards their virtual dream city project. It has quite a tad-bit slower gameplay that you see tasks happening like real life.

iOS, web


Megapolis is the top gun when it comes to building a city. Starting out, it seems a bit perplexed, but as soon as you cover up things, you find it interesting. Akin to other relevant games, you unlock and purchase a lot of infrastructure and monuments like factories, bridges, rivers, islands, to name a few. The most interesting thing is that you can line up everything by yourself, wherever you want. On a large scale, the city can ultimately grow into a megapolis, depending on how well you manage that to happen. On top of that, it lets you earn money through several commodities, allowing you to collect up cash every minute or two. Once your city has better transportation, better health care system, advanced science, robust military power, eye-catching architect, decent education system, tourists get attracted to your city, and that’s the way to go.

Undeniably, it’s one of the best city-building games for android and iOS that you can play to build your dream city straight out of town. Megapolis has been an editor choice and seen on several well-known publishers. It has been garnered over 50 million downloads with 4.4+ ratings alone at the Play store. Also, it has quite a flexible customer support.


Little Big City 2

If you love dragging buildings across the map, then it’s the best pastime you can have. Little big city, a game developed by the Gameloft may be in your best interest if looking for an intuitive city building game. Here, you start off with a few family houses, small factories, and some modes of transportation being shared by a few populations. Apart from arranging infrastructure, you’re given tasks like to have a factory, build a road to the factory, or produce pipes. After completing such tasks, you earn cash, diamonds, and also a new level unfurls that unlock a new building, along with the new tasks. The goal is to increase the population with the storage capacity so that the cash keeps flow in. All your tasks can be seen in the letter pad, govern by the wacky mayor suggesting you tasks that keep gameplay going.

Despite having such impressive graphics, and story, it’s just sized about 30 MB. Best of all, it has no popups ads to tick you off, but you have always an option to watch ads to earn rewards. If running short on time, you can purchase virtual cash, and apply to skip minutes of waiting that keeps you stalled from doing other tasks. It has managed to gather over 15 million downloads across various platforms.

Forge of Empires

What could be better to live through 150 BC to advancing into the twenty-first century, well, this game has your back It’s one of the best city-building online games for android and iOS that you can play for free? It’s a slow game, but every level is filled with the exciting challenges that keep you glued to the screen for hours. An old wise man, walk you through the medieval age, helping you evolve villages and forge them into a megapolis. As it was, medieval age had raw houses, alchemy, and all other ancient ways of deal with things, the game came with a fair share of almost every element that an ancient time could have. From shooting down spears to having powerful weapons like missiles & launchers, you’ve got to cover up a long journey to be able to get there. As usual, the money and supplies you get from the resources pave the way to buy more resources to step ahead in the game.

Forge of empires lets you build your own dream city traveling through old age to a modern era. Whether you’re in a mood to fight or celebrate the fest like Halloween, Easter, or Christmas, it’s a perfect pastime. It has around 10 million downloads alone at the Android Play store. Also, it includes in-app purchases that we don’t recommend whatsoever.


2020: My Country – Discontinued

It’s another beast with amazing graphics bringing city building to life. If you’re yearning to build a gorgeous city by building next level houses, tech ventures, transportation, or possibly anything that amounts to city growth, it’s for you. For every new venture, you unlock needs a skilled worker who can capitalize on the growth of a company. Before you enter into any task, you see $75000 in your account to buy up things, and a few energies to stimulate tasks faster. As you barge forward, the game seems to get tougher as the tasks become harder after reaching to higher levels. Once you collect enough cash and have unlocked certain levels, You can shop for better residential, electricity, tourism, mini business, industry, and other buildings. After accomplishing tasks given on the left side of a screen, you’re eligible to get gifts, and rewards, along with the recurring income from the building you set up. Best of all, it has a trophy that lets you stand out In the leaderboard when completing new ventures assigned by it. If you get stuck to know what tasks to be done, then any flickering items will help you find tasks.

As the name suggests, it’s one of the free best city building games for android & iOS to play in 2020, both offline and online. The next-level buildings, spectacular lakes, islands, and futuristic technology is all backed into a single game. It has racked up over 5 million downloads at play store with 4.4+ ratings.

Wrapping up

Every best city building game has one thing in common – they let you build a city of your dream. However, Some are more realistic than others as they take more time to build up things, or have a realistic approach as to how a real city builds. But you can always fast forward things by purchasing boosters, or anything they call it. We’ve listed these apps after using for hours, and all the other apps that couldn’t make it in the list are good but not as entertaining as these.

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