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Best bullet journal apps to set goals, track habits, and more

Updated on: March 2, 2022
best bullet journal app

Having a bullet journal app means you can organize your life events, plans, journeys, tasks, and jot down your notes all in one place. Online Bullet journal apps are not any different from the basic journal app, but you can find bullet journal apps much more intuitive and overflowing. You can set tasks according to hours, day, and month, and tick the dots once you complete a task.

Since users have started trusting such apps, competition is sky-high, and your personal information succumbs to scammers who are trying their luck in this giant valley. So, before plunging into any app online, make sure it’s is legit, safe, and employed by genuine people. That’s where we come to help. Without further ado, lets jump right into the best digital bullet journal apps to get the job done.

Best bullet journal apps for android and iOS

Journal it

Journal is a one-stop solution for your journaling need. It lets you track goals, upload pictures, and set a reminder that is easy to use with its UI. You can have it placed on your phone’s home screen and organize the tasks from there. If you want to record events, every bite-sized moment, and your life tasks, this app is perfect for you.

Moreover, you can keep tabs on your mood every day and step into the mindfulness journey within. Most of the features are free but few more exciting tools to look into when you go premium.

Journal by dotted circle

If you are fighting against your bad habits or a tight schedule, this app has your back. Using it, you can easily set multiple goals of your day and eyes on your progress, or completed activity through a calendar. It is handy when you have different tasks to complete on different days, allowing you to pick random days for your tasks.

It is quite a user-friendly app with essential tools that help you create as many tasks as you want without having you pay a penny. The best part is that you collect badges as a reward once you meet the app’s standard goals.


Elisi has a modern yet simplistic user interface that Brings a clear understanding of the task structure. With this app, you can add plans, goals, habits, to-do lists, organize weekly plans, and jot down quick notes on the go. You can watch ongoing tasks all in one place, as you won’t have to tap several tabs to do so.

The app is available on Windows, iPhone, and Android, letting you organize everything from multiple platforms. The app is free, but it also charges about $0.99 to remove ads and provide some of its services.

For iOS-

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Grid Diary

When you consider any best online bullet journal app, then don’t forget to include a Grid diary app on your list. It’s an excellent medium for journaling and reflecting your day, giving you a slew of fantastic guidance before you get started. As its name suggests, it has a grid format that keeps your daily tasks in a sequence. The app comes with a feasible UI, having a modern layout that allows you to view your progress in a week, month, and year.

Using it, you can set your goals, quotes, answer daily affirmations, and create healthy habits. On the flip side, you can add moods, tags, images, and build your journey system.

For iOS

everyday | Habit Tracker & Bullet Journal

What bullet journal should be like? Well, this app has a different take on that. Its eye-catching user interface and the way it propels you to engage in journaling deserves a clap. It lets you create habits, to-do list in a colorful polygon sets, allowing you to track tasks months by months. It shows you a percentage of the tasks finished in a week and points out when not skipping any day or breaking the chain.

In general, it is an app that you can have for tracking and forming good habits. It is a premium app, but you can stick to the free version as long as you want. You can organize your tasks through any platform, including – Android, iPhone, Mac, and windows.

For iOS

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Custom Journal

It is much like your physical diary. It is flexible and its easy to use interface is the talk of the town. The app lets you create your own template that you can use for organizing your tasks. Unlike other apps, you can ask yourself some questions and rate your day based on what went right or what went wrong.

Besides, you can add photos daily with a text note below. Using this app, you can add stuff like – checklist, banner, images, questions, ratings, and a few more. The best part about this app is that it lets you track progress and revisit specials days with a calendar’s help. Moreover, you can monitor your everyday water intake using dots. When you switch to the premium, you will be able to back up data to Google Drive and sync across devices.

Wrapping Up

These are the best free bullet journal apps for android you can use for organizing your life events, set healthy habits, and carry out several tasks. We’ve listed some of the best-rated apps after testing them individually. You don’t have to be an expert in using such apps, as they are quite accessible and cathartic. Though these apps are freemium, there will be no need to jump straight to experience all the features, and we don’t recommend this. I hope you enjoyed this article. Please support our work by sharing it.

By ankit raghuwanshi