Try out these best apps to sell used clothes

Updated on: September 16, 2022
best apps to sell clothes

Are you planning to kickstart a clothing business? Read through this article to find the best apps to sell clothes. There are tons of sites and apps for fashionistas to swap clothes, but only a few apps have run through our checks that we’re going to round up here.

With clothes selling app, you can sell branded clothes of any size – Negotiate on your terms and make more cash than ever. All you need to do is snap a picture of clothes and post them up. We can only suggest you apps that may fit into your need, as we don’t take any responsibility for your sales, or anything occurs while using an app. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the best apps where you can sell clothes.

Best apps where you can sell clothes (Android & iOS)

Poshmark – Buy & Sell Fashion

Poshmark is exclusively built to buy and sell clothing and other fashion stuff. It has an immense catalog of products that get listed every day straight from big brands and by the poshers like you. With over 9000 brand, and millions of users, including celebrities, it has become the leading app to sell all genres of clothes. 

Got fashion stuff to consign? Well, you can sell clothes that you’ve already used, straight from home, without handling any delivery fees or meetups. Poshmark also allows users to shop from others’ style ideas, thus recommending millions of outfit ideas for you no matter how busy you are. 

Not only it’s the best app to sell clothes, but users can also find deals on popular brands like Lululemon, Luise Vuitton, and more. Why don’t you see yourself what more it has to offer. 

Free to list products | No delivery fee for sellers | sells locally

Download here – Site | iOS

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Vinted – Sell Buy Swap Fashion

The other fashion selling app you should go for is Vinted. It’s easy to use and secure platform for selling and buying branded clothing on the go. Vinted lets users set their own pricing and discounts, and only charges when making a sale. Buyers can find nearby sellers by using the location filter. You can also buy from other sellers not living in your vicinity. 

Listing products on Vinted is free, and with every purchase, a seller receives buyer protection, so that people can feel confident before buying an item. It’s more of a fashion community app than a reselling platform. It’s where you meet people of all backgrounds who share their style ideas. 

Gems that aren’t in stores anymore, then chances are, you’ll find them on Vinted. Unlike other fashion selling apps, this app supports 360 view, bringing an item into action. 

Free to list products | No delivery fee for sellers |Sells locally



Launched in 2012, Thredup, a fashion destination for buying and selling stuff, has become the ultimate platform for women resellers. It lists over 1000 items daily and claims to have been shipped over 100 million outfits so far. Women of all sizes can join this app and get rid of unwanted clothes with money. Sounds awesome?. Not only women but also kids can swap clothes off their shelves. 

Thredup supports all kinds of brands, from Gucci to puma, small to large size. To start, you need to post an item for free, and the app manages everything. Note, when an item’s shipping cost is below $79, it will deduct some fee after the shipping. 

Apart from reselling, for buyers, it gives up to 90% discounts on some brands. Needless to say, women are becoming full-time clothes resellers and learning to embrace style fashion with the community the app built.

Free to list products | charges under $79

Download here – Site | iOS


Tradesy is another marketplace app for selling and buying fashion. With Tradesy you can buy, sell, and discover millions of fashion apparel with authenticity. To be candid, this marketplace coveted clothing for women, as you’ll hardly find any men’s stuff. Some of the popular brands it offers are Zora, Lousie Vuitton, Prada e.t.c. 

It just takes a few seconds to list the styles you no longer wear and share with savvy shoppers on Tradesy.

For shipping, it provides you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed shopping kit, ready to be completed with beautiful packaging. 

You can request a refund back to your bank account if any seller handed you some faulty stuff. Its user interface is surely not easy to get the hang of, as it’s incredibly hard to find out where to add an item to sell. Also, shipping charges seem quite money-grubbing. Despite a few errors, Tradesy is the app we can trust to sell clothes and other fashion stuff.

Free to list products | Global selling support.

Shop here – Site | iOS


Want to sell and buy men’s streetwear and vintage fashion? Depop has your back. It is a mobile marketplace that allows users to sell, buy, and discover vintage and streetwear styles. Launched in 2014, it has managed to garner over 18 million users so far. 

Trade for streetwear brands like Yeezy, Adidas, off-white, and more, along with vintage fashion and sneakers galore. From your search history and the style you’re following, Depop chooses you the styles that fit your need. You can narrow down your search using a filter, and look for clothing you’re looking for. 

Its fashion community of stylists, designers, artists, and vintage sellers makes it easy for buyers and neophyte sellers to discover the latest trends and increase style awareness. On the whole, it’s a legit app to sell men’s streetwear and vintage clothing. 

Free to list products | charges only after shipping |Nearby and Global

Shop here – Site | iOS


Here are a few apps you can use to buy and sell clothes and other fashion stuff. So if you have clothes that you want to get rid of, sell them on any app listed here. There is no listing fee. In fact, you can list as many fashion stuff as you want, and ship hassle-free. However, not all apps we’ve suggested here have a smooth shipping process, but every app is authentic and poses no threat to users.

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