7 Best apps similar to Blinkist to deepen your insights

Updated on: March 2, 2022
best apps similar to blinkist

Probably you have stumbled upon this article to know the best apps that are quite similar to Blinkist. But, they may be even better in layout, content, or fee, depending on the overall user experience.

So are people leaning towards saving time, or they want to grasp the crux out of books?. Well, It may depend on person to person. Or it can be an urge to grab every best seller’s books in a short time.

A few years back, Nobody had had the idea that such apps would catch the light at the time when big names like Amazon and Kindle made their move into the market of digital books. The time has changed, and many more leading companies have the initiative to launch such apps that summarize books for quick notes. Therefore, we might see more apps like Blinkist down the line with reasonable pricing and sheer content.

As we know, even reading a short review of a book is an arduous task, So we can assume how hard it gets for the creators who read books to The finish. So without further ado, let’s dive into the best blinkist Alternatives.


storyshots app

As its name suggests, This app truncates a long paged book into short topics in a single layout page to offer a core reading. It’s one of the best and free app that deserve more trackion, but for the audience, it’s just a cup of cake. Similar to Blinkist, Storyshots has a myriad of newly released books summarized in an eye-catching layout.

Every weekend, new books get added to libraries that you can read for free, though for limited pages. Storyshots has been picked up and praised by so many well know bibliomaniac entrepreneurs.

Android, ios

12min – Books and Audiobooks

12 min books and audiobooks

Are you the kind of person who always runs short on time to start reading a book?. In this case, 12 min has your back. It’s one of the best book-summary apps similar to Blinkist with affordable in-app purchases, and a better UX. 12 min lets you listen to the audio and highlight the key ideas from the book that you can finish reading up in almost 12 minutes, as they stated.

The layout entirely reflects the book’s atmosphere, making it easier for the readers to sort out books based on categories and preferences. The books you’re reading can be found in the library and the audio in the playlist. Going to the profile, you can check stats and the monthly ranking of the people who’ve finished reading the maximum numbers of books. It comes with a three days trial option, then $50 a year.

Android, ios

Headway: Books’ Key Ideas

headway books app

How could it not be on the list when talking about the best micro books apps. Headway takes a unique spin on books, as it stresses reading with cool quick cards, thanks to the headways design team for integrating vocabularies and making it look good.

Right after downloading this app, you are asked to choose your goals as to how many books you’ll want to read every week. Basically, it comes with a 7 days free trial, but you are required to go through the payment process that is billed annually and can be canceled anytime.

Well, here is the gist, to unlock full access to the book, you can watch ads to read more. Apart from the short books, it has daily insights stories extracted out of the books to be read by anyone.

Android, ios

Summedup: Free Book Summaries

Summedup app for book summaries

If you are a person who rather wants to dive into content more than a design, then this app is all you need. Summedup may be lacking in design, but is much better at summarizing books ranging from the business to the self-help. The best of all, It’s completely free to use, and the content it provides is of sheer value.

As it’s free, It’s much likely you’ll see some ads floating around, but not the ads, which keeps you on hold. Last but not least, this app also has videos picked up from around the youtube that summarize books.


Libby, by OverDrive

Libby, by OverDrive

Libby is an awesome app built by Overdrive, inc. This app fundamentally works as a library card system, or we can say it’s our Go-to digital library accessible for everyone using the app. What did strike me is that anyone can get access to the library with or without having a Pin code.

Libby has over 3000 titles and covering almost 80 topics in Books, and all for free. Here is a catch, You get to read nearly every book sample, but to read a full book or audio, you have to have a library card number that you can receive by visiting your local library near you. The app has been downloaded over a million times alone at the Playstore, racking in a whopping 4.6 stars.

Android, ios

MicroBook: read book summaries

An app developed specifically thinking about the quality, best titles, and habits. It has an ample amount of best-selling book summaries hand-picked and written for you.

Microbook app is all about the book’s summaries and stresses on building the reading habits, allowing you to keep track of your reads. Currently, this app is lurking at the Apple app store with an impressive 4.6 ratings, requiring you to have at least iOS 11.0 or later.


Summarize: Read & Remember

Again, a wonderful piece of tool available at the app store that you can use for reading summarized versions of books. The app is free, and it stores non-fiction books from the dialect of authors around the world.

Using the app, you can rate, read, and keep tabs on what you are reading, allowing you to switch to the dark mode at a click of a button. This app demands an iOS 12.0 or later and is compatible with all the other apple software.


Wrapping Up

Here are the few apps similar to Blinkist that you can use to abstract the ideas out of books. We were able to find some good alternatives after the long hectic research of anonymous scrolling and browsing. It’s worth noting that we still consider the Blinkist has the edge over other apps in so many ways, but, may have some drawbacks too.

By ankit raghuwanshi