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Best apps to help with anxiety

Updated on: March 2, 2022
anxiety apps

Many people would have felt mental breakdowns or anxiety at some point in life. We are so prone and vulnerable to such natural emotion. It’s Significantly a natural emotion, but when it goes far from it, it becomes unbearable. We may have so many types of mental crackups, In which the anxiety is the worst kind of feeling a human undergo, as it leads to severe depression, panic attacks, and eventually, in rare cases, death. In this article, you will want to know a few best apps that won’t only help you with anxiety but can also rewire your mind.

Worldwide, the major deaths are caused due to depression, so we can imagine how terrible it can be if left untreated. Therefore, anxiety must be treated in time and with proper guidance; otherwise, the results can be undesirable. Do not need to be worried if you’re already in medication or looking for ways to mitigate the habit of negative thinking. Read it through to know how to get rid of anxiety using the best android and iPhone apps of 2021.

It is Scientifically proven that apps can treat anxiety like any mental physician. Some physiatrists do recommend using them. So let’s stop questioning the efficiency of anxiety apps and start knowing some of the best anxiety apps that can help you revamp your mood.

Best apps to relief with anxiety (2021)


If you’re stressed out, not able to focus, or facing trouble falling asleep, then Meditopia is the perfect fit for you. It emphasizes practice 10 minutes of meditation daily to reduce anxiety and stress. It has leaps of soothing music, a well-tuned community of 8 million people, and a friendly User-Interface that you would love to the core.

Apart from that, this app carries a far less price than other apps, as it costs around $2.5-$60 per item. So often, updates roll out in music, article and system update. To download this app, you’re required to have at least 5.0 android version, if anything less – The app might get crashed.


Anxiety Relief Hypnosis

It’s one of the best apps to have in your handset if you’re dealing with an Anxiety. It comes with a unique Music player that seamlessly gets adjusted through your fingers, allowing you to have control over the music sounds. That said, you can slow down the voice, background, or sleep booster unless sounds meet your requirements. As they claim, the thoughts we get in a day come from the subconscious mind, so considering this, they provide a hypnosis booster therapy that tends to put us into a trance or half-conscious state, Sounds cool?

You can play music in a loop, or set a timer and let it work for you. This quirky app sizes around 54M and costs up to $2.5 per item.

Android, ios

Rootd – Panic Attack & Anxiety Relief

Rootd is a must-have app for loners and victims of panic attacks. The developer has put a reasonable amount of effort to address the symptoms and the cause of anxiety that he has described superbly using drawing characters.

It has a feeling indicator to track your mood and, in turn, recommends some exercises that you can perform to get healed. You are rewarded with the points after completing the task, to ensure that you’re improving.

By Tapping on the red button, you can track your breathing, provided with guided breathing lessons. You can check stats along the journey. As Rootd App has cartoon characters in there, adding some load to it making a 93M sized app. This app is quite useful even when you use it for free, and the in-app purchases start from $3 – $45.


Dare: Anxiety & Panic Attack Relief

Dare is another run of the mill stress-relieving app we can use to take care of our mental health. While traveling away, In case you get anxious, then this app might come to aid. Similar to RootD, it guides you through breathing exercises, helping you relief from stress, insomnia, panic attacks, and all kinds of mental disorders.

Premium members can download the music and run offline so that you can access it without the internet. Currently, the Dare app is up for download at google play store, sizing about 14M with 100,000+ downloads.


It might sound out of the way that how come games became a part of the stress-resilient atmosphere. Well, engaging in Stress Releasing games can radically have a positive impact on our mental health, when done enjoyably. That may be the reason why kids feel so connected and happier to the games – The moment they get unplugged they go insane. Like any other energy, stress needs to be released, and some anti-stress games can help you do that.

In addition to the games, the app has a slew of calm music to help you detox your brain, resulting in less tensed mind and dopamine flux.



How about having someone to listen to your problems irrespective of the time-zone and place? – Is it even possible? – well, It is possible with Wysa. This app has an integrated AI feature designed to spark your mood, react to your emotions, so you can be more connected to it, and share your problems. It has so many awards under its belt, making it the most flexible and innovative app of 2019 and hopefully for the years to come.

Not just it has witty AI Bot to chat with you, but It also recommends you a task like breathing, practices meditation, and so many coaching tools to fight off stress, depression, panic attacks, and more. At perks, the app has been downloaded over a million times and is just about 7.7M in size.



Moodpath does a better job accessing emotional health by asking some therapeutic questions that you can answer daily and every two weeks to get a mental report done. You can share that report with your healthcare professionals so they may know about your emotional health.

With Moodpath, you can keep track of your mood, improve sleep, hook yourself into the mindfulness journey. This app is nothing sort of a go-to physiatrist reflecting on your mental states, and advocating on your way to wellness. This app won’t cost you arms and legs, and even it does, you can trust it as one of the best apps that can help you with anxiety.


Wrapping up

Anxiety apps have seen some growth over the past few years. Because of growing technology and the flexibility that such apps offer, people have started counting on them.

Well, some apps listed here do cost a reasonable amount of money to unpack all the content, but they worth it because they are dealing with something we call Mind

 Please don’t take my words for it. You can take the plunge and find the app you are feeling comfortable with. So, you already know about the best apps to help with anxiety in 2021. Let’s roll.

By ankit raghuwanshi