10 best android news widget apps

Updated on: March 2, 2022
news widget apps

Who doesn’t read the news? Almost everyone gets a bite of it knowingly or unknowingly, depending on the tools they use. No matter how busy the schedule and hectic lifestyle we have today, we manage to take our time off life looking through news and filling our space. There are few best news apps for android that will not only help you keep track of the latest and on-demand news, but you can also be able to put them on your mobile screen using a widget.

The source for reading might have been taken a turn, but the urge for reading news is still the same because we are living in a world full of information, discrepancy, and unimaginative consequences we can relate to. So, what are the news widgets all about and what it has to do with reading news?. Well, It merely flaunts the news title with an excerpt description directly on the mobile screen that you can read further by clicking over it.

You can pull a widget out of the widget panel and set anywhere where you find enough room for it. Without taking any further, let’s jump into the best android news apps to get your smartphone stuffed with the crunchy headlines with the help of a widget.

Best news widget apps for android 2020

Google News: Top World & Local News Headlines

google news android widget app

An app with nothing hidden, even what you are searching for. Sounds correct?. We are talking about the beast of an app that needs no personal branding at all, as Google has its back. You would have seen the google news feeds displayed below the google browser, but the google news app is just all about it and comes with many unique features.

With Google news app, you can read news from around a thousand of sources worldwide with your personal preferences and settings. The layout that holds news feeds is minimalist and giving a wide range of news at your timeline. The daylight bright colors can be switched up to dark mode at your fingertips, as bright colors are meant to be bad for eyes when gazing at for long hours, and consume more battery life.

Unlike other apps, which comprise the quality for free members, this app giving you full liberty as well you won’t see any adverts popping up. Undoubtedly, this app has the crazy number of downloads as counting over 1 Billion and >.

Flipboard – Latest News

flipbaord news app widget

Flipboard may be second to the google news as to downloads, but in quality, and the unique styling of flipping over pages for reading is what makes it a brilliant app. Whether you want to be able to personalize your interest or create your own stories, Flipboard both jobs fabulously.

It has so much to offer that we can’t over up here, but it’s good at tailoring stories you want to know. Apart from reading, you can create your magazine and curate news or pitch your recommended blogs that you want others to look through. Basically, it’s free, and many don’t recommend going premium, but, still, to get the most out of this app, take the shot.

Moving to the widget, Flipboard has few widgets to have set at your phone screen.

Feedly – Smarter News Reader

feedly app

Feedly is another creative approach for entertaining the news savvy. Well, it might bother some people who prefer flipping pages over scrolling vertically and horizontally. For some, It’s just the other news curating app like Flipboard, who believes in a clean reading experience.

This app works on an AI-Based algorithm that curates the stories from around various sources, and anyone can curate the stories as well. It allows you to pin up the news widget that it has, showcasing the stories of your interests. Currently, this app has over five million downloads alone at play store and is seized at 24 M.

Microsoft News

micosoft news android

Microsoft is serious about making apps that add value to people’s lives, and it can be seen with the Microsoft news app. Unlike the A.I based apps, this app has a content handpicked by editors from around the web, letting you opt for your preferences or interests.

Credit goes to the team who have built this news widget app for android, as it is so minimalistic, may contain ads, but having the news atmosphere, we can suck ourselves into. This app is light as a feather as it is 15 M in size, and has got downloaded over a million times.

Inshorts – 60 words News summary

inshorts android

An app that collects news from all over the web and slims down the articles in 60 words, allowing you to read offline, set a widget, save feeds, personalize interests, and more.

With Inshorts, you can also read the news by switching to dark mode, on top of that, videos and photo gallery may interest you. Inshorts has been nominated for various awards and is topping the chart in few countries already. “The short on time” philosophy is what made it a unique app, loved by over ten million people around the globe.

Bundle Breaking News

bundle app widget

The bundle app is one of the very few apps that is completely free to use, and offer unparalleled features you would crave for. This app lets you create a bundle, in which you save your favorite collection of sources or blogs.

If you want to block out all the other things but the content you are reading, then you can switch to reader mode. In case you need to read offline, you can do so once an article displays in your newsfeed. The best of all, with the bundle, you can change over to your local news, or other countries. As of now, it has been downloaded over 10 million times at play store.

SmartNews: Local Breaking News

smartnews app

Are you an ardent news reader? If yes, then smartnews is what you’re looking for. If you are looking for an app that delivers the trending and the local news (For US), then Smartnews got you covered. With getting the updates of your choice, you can get informed about the city you live in if it’s in the chart.

Well, selecting the topics, blocking the adverts, and reading them offline is pretty much people want from the news apps. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support a night mode but has a smart mode that clutters all the other parts, and just show you the content. At the play store, it is racking in over ten million downloads.

HuffPost – Daily Breaking News & Politics

HuffPost app widget

HuffPost is the well-renowned news and magazine publication name that is actively serving all kinds of stories across multiple countries and now with one app.

It is not like other apps that curate content selectively. It publishes their contents with the help of hundreds of proficient writers contributing ordeal amount of time and made it reach to the top. With the HuffPost app, you can choose the host of topics you heed about and read the articles online and offline.

inkl – the world’s best news app

inkl app

It is another run of the mill app resting at the google play store with over a hundred thousand downloads. It provides the news from around hundreds of sources, and for that to read, it charges on a monthly/annual basis. Well, due to in-app purchases, many people might be flicking over to free similar, though Inkl has a low subscription fee.

Keeping aside the flaws, this app offers the best in the reading experience and lets you browse through the several sources flawlessly. What does make this app apart from rest is its philosophy of providing accurate titles with no ads and clickbait. Above all, with inkl, you can easily set its widget around the phone screen and get updated as soon as the news gets surfaced.

inFact – News, Facts and more

infact app

InFact keeps sight of news with videos from around the web, flaunts the facts picked up daily. It has an appealing layout for readers and has various options for signing up, so you don’t miss out on stories you like.

After going through every tab, we couldn’t catch a flaw, indicating the quality of the app even though it’s free. The facts pages are presented in a way others could understand, bookmark, flag if inappropriate, share, and love if they like.

Wrapping up

So, now you know which are the best news apps for android having a widget to set on your mobile’s homepage. If you wonder why such apps are in the list, then it boils down to the quality and the compact features of the apps they possess. Well, these apps may lack in so many things, varies person to person, as we tried our best to put them all together after testing each app with sheer interest. I hope you like this article, share it, and let others know about it.

By ankit raghuwanshi