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Updated on: March 2, 2022
apps similar to procreate

When we talk about the best drawing apps, Procreate tops the list. It is the highly advanced application for crafting expressive sketches, interactive illustrations, lively animations, and much more. Whereas, its advanced layer system, hundreds of handmade brushes, and artistic tools make it easier for you to draw pretty much whatever you imagine.

Here is the caveat, Procreate is the premium iPad app you can only download after shelling out around $9 For infinite use. Maybe price tag or device compatibility holding you back from taking a plunge?. You’ll be delighted to know that there are a few apps like Procreate you would want to try for free and then pay later for an immersive experience. 

What apps are similar to Procreate (Android & iOS)

Adobe Illustrator

If you happen to be a creative artist, then you must have heard about IllustratorIllustrator. It is free, intuitive, and packed with myriad tools helping you make thumb-stopping designs. Despite having such top-notch tools, it is completely free to use. The precision with a pencil that you select is on par with any pen, allowing you to create lines, shapes, type, erase, fill gradients, and even more that you cannot even imagine with a real pen. 

apps similar to procreate

What’s more intriguing is that alongside Illustrator, you can work across Photoshop and Fresco and get your data synchronized to Adobe cloud so that you can pick up from where you left off. Coming to the features, The app on iPad offers nearly 18000+ fonts, 20+ color palettes, and up to the minute live streams from famous creatives who share guided tutorials. Undeniably It’s one of the best apps like Procreate that is available for free. 

Key Features – 

  • Pinpoint editing, point precision for perfect graphics without losing any quality. 
  • Varieties of Brushes, pens, pencils to create curves, lines, and draw pretty much anything.
  • Has tools to create stunning patterns and shapes.
  • Houses 18000+ fonts and lets users upload their own.
  • Lets users import photoshop files and also supports file types – SVG, PSD, PNG e.t.c.
  • Synch data to Adobe cloud and much more. 

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‎Assembly: Graphic Design & Art

If you’re trying to manipulate your vector sketches skill, then Assembly is here to help. Though it has not as advanced features as IllustratorIllustrator does, but it’s a great app to keep your apple pencil inflow. With Assembly, you’ve tools to cut, combine, intersect shapes, and to create complex logos, illustrations, and more with its industry-standard bezier curves. It has a high-end graphics suit and supports files like PDF, PNG, JPG, and SVG.

procreate alternatives

Skip a sketchbook, and try predesigned tools and 1000+ shapes if not so approachable with the tools. Akin to other desktop applications, you can convert stroke to fills or play with shadow options and flip, copy and rotate shapes and groups. You can go even further with its premium $4/monthly subscription unlocking pro tools for the next-level work.

Key Features – 

  • Lets users export fonts.
  • Has 35+ color palettes, 21+ shape packs, and 1000+ shapes.
  • Over 350+ stickers for work and iMessage. 
  • Eyedropper tool, and tools to cut, flip, fill, and copy shapes.
  • Point editing feature for standard curves designs.
  • Synch projects with iCloud across devices. 

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Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk has a long history of making sleazy software for professional designing work. Now they have recently rolled out apps for both android and iOS with the same features that have in desktops. Also, One of Autodesk’s best app is sketchbook that allows users to create sophisticated arts using assortments of brushes, pencils, and other suits. Whether you’re sketching a running train or modeling a story of a sad boy, the app helps you bring arts to life.

Sketchbook apps like procreate

This app is a miniature version of its desktop version, as the developers have put in a lot of effort to assemble all major tools of the desktop Version on mobile. The perspective guides, a snapping toggle, vanishing point lock, and horizontal line keep your arts in line, helping you create realistic artwork on the go. Best of all, it now supports Apple pencil (2nd generation), so make use of its double-tap functionality. 

Key Features –

  • Curve ruler.
  • New iPad users can Scan sketches.
  • Has constrained grid tools for designing realistic curvy designs. 
  • Has assortments of brushes, pens, and pencil.
  • Smooth, easy, and entirely free. 

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Pigment – Adult Coloring Book

It takes a unique spin on a drawing. Unlike other similar apps like video star, this app enables users to immerse themselves in colorful arts that tend to reduce stress. You need to pick up your favorite color palettes and brushes or create your own and rough out your apple pencil. Also, you can select any painting out of the bunch and start coloring with brushes. 

apps similar to procreate

To adjust the location, you can rotate, zoom in and out a painting, so you don’t have to turn the smartphone when filling colors with precision. On top of that, you can lay hands on its palettes, brushes sizes, eyedrops, fills, and color wheel. Above all, you can share your coloring with people and gain friends and followers using your craft. 

Key Features –

  1. Has the community to share colorings and increase followers. 
  2. Houses a wide range of paintings in the library to choose from. 
  3. Support for apple pencil.
  4. Lets users import and scan pictures.
  5. Even more with premium.

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Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art

It has the sketchbook, doodle desk, coloring desk, and photo desk hooked all in one place. The drawing desk is a great place to decompress and exercise your drawing skills. With this app, you can create your custom palettes, a different select set of brushes, and other tools. Some of the brushes it includes are – 3D brushes, Neon Brushes, glitter brushes, and a few more. Also, it is equipped with shapes, typography tools, ruler, watercolor, paint roller, and smudge tool.

drawing desk app

The Sketch desk offers a wide range of approachable tools and convenient layer support for realistic sketches. Besides, back up all your artwork, including brushes and palettes, and access from any device on the flow. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it supports 3D touch sensibility for iPhones as well as supports apple pencil for iPad pro. It has much more to offer for doodlers than other apps similar to Procreate.

Key Features

  • Paint roller, 450+ gradient colors, and 60+ coloring pages.
  • Has a host of 3D brushes, stickers, neon, felt tip, and more.
  • Back up and synch data.
  • Hundreds of shapes, along with smudge tool, fill bucket, highlighter, watercolor, ink pen, and more.
  • Create and save custom color palettes. 
  • Has support for iPhone/iPad pro.

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‎Vectornator: Design Software

Vectornator is another Procreate alternative with a blend of comprehensive tools and an intuitive User interface. As you would find in an illustrator, it has as many tools to design on-sleazy illustrations. The only downside the app has is the overflowing of tools that require enough practice to get the hang of. However, you have tutorials for learning to use tools and make doodles. As it’s based on vector, you can use it to build different types of projects like logos, sketches, in-detail illustrations, and much more.


 Not only has it oodles of tools for a realistic approach, but also supports wide range of layouts for social, icons, papers and devices. Also, it has a gallery stacked with a host of predesigned arts to edit, and it’s also a place to save your projects. The best part, Vectornator is free to use and is up for download for android and iOS. 

Key Features 

  • Cut, rotate, copy, split, merge, blend, blur, mask, group, or anything like IllustratorIllustrator does.
  • Auto trace to turn bitmap images into vector images automatically.
  • Has intriguing typography tools with custom fonts support.
  • Has 80000+ icons in the library.
  • Color picker, wide range gamut, gradients, HEX input, RBG, and HSB. 
  • Optimized for Apple pencil.
  • Users can back up data to iCloud and sync across devices. 
  • Supports file types – SVG, Ai, PDF, Figma, Sketch, PNG, JPG.

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Wrapping Up

We have assorted the best apps like Procreate to help you tap into the landscape of illustrations, arts, colors, and all kinds of doodles. Therefore, you don’t need to jump to any other app similar to procreate if trying out any of the listed apps. Also, they are free to use, and back apple pencil for iPad. If you’re wondering which app offers intuitive features and is fully autonomous, then go for an Adobe sketchbook, as it’s also our favorite. 

By ankit raghuwanshi