8 Real Apps like Monkey (Reviewed)

Updated: November 19, 2023
Apps like monkey

Monkey is the social video streaming platform that lets users connect with random folks in 10-second live chat. Users can use their Snapchat usernames to chat with people or find other Snapchat users who share the same interests.

According to App analytics, its median age of users is 23, making it is one of the most popular teen apps. However, it’s not the perfect app, it is quickly turning into Chatroulette 2.0.

Also, The Appstore has recently wiped out the app after reading over 1500 negative reviews complaining about inexplicit content and people showing their genitals. So, to chat securely, with no inexplicit visuals, let’s jump to the best apps like Monkey.

Apps similar to Monkey (Android & iOS)


Hoop helps you find friends on Snapchat. Founded in 2015, the app has managed to pile up over 20 million downloads alone at the play store.

People who are striving to discover people on Snapchat by the same interests, age, or country, can find this app quite useful.

Its user interface is pleasing to the eyes, allowing users to send or receive Snapchat requests straight from the app. Unlike other relevant apps like Monkey, it’s completely free. 

While Hoop has millions of Snapchat users, it is quite simple to find out anyone who has a lot in common with you. Just swipe right to find people, and give them a snap if you want to be their friend.

The app doesn’t display a notification to senders if recipients disable their request. To make things easier, you can use the filter to sort out the specific result, instead of swiping all day long. 

Hoop needs you to log in to have access to what it offers. There are more features it holds for its users in the premium plan. However, we are not in favor of any sort of money spending thing, so you must be in charge of what you purchase. 

apps like melon


Tired of Monkey? Melon has your back. It is one of the best apps that serve the same purpose as Monkey. It’s a beautiful, intuitive, and easy-to-use app. It allows users to talk on live video streams and text chat to enthusiastic people globally.

You can have a lighting fast video live discussion, and by swiping right, you can skim through people you are not interested in. As you glide through profiles, you see and connect with all backgrounds of people in the live and text chat. 

Connecting with people here on live video streaming is a cakewalk. However, if you want to explore people based on age and region, you can use the search filter. Also, to authenticate if somebody is genuine, you can check likes on the person’s profile.

Not only does it has incredible features, but it also has advanced moderation tools to ensure community safety. Above all, it is free to use.

In addition, it has a decent text chat that allows users to send images, voices, and text. Now dropping the dung bomb, the app charges for using regions filter. Of course, the region filter cuts all the scouring and saves time. 

$19.99/month or $6.99/week ( unlock region filter).



Chatous is a decent multimedia social platform with over 10 million users worldwide discussing the topics they care about. With this app, you can chat with text, pictures, and videos.

It has a compact text chat that allows users to send images, texts, emojis, links, videos, and much more. Best of all, its user interface is easy on the eyes. To start, just sign up and fill in your date of birth. 

Chatous allows users to create a profile to show interests, region, and age. Also, it gives an option to hide a name, so that no one can find it in the search bar, and a user can be anonymous and feel secure. In contrast to that, in the search bar, you can search for a specific name, or use a hashtag to discover interests.

Unlike other relevant apps similar to Monkey, it doesn’t clamor for a fee to use the filter. 

It might be unpleasant for some that it has an age limit of a minimum of 17, and most users are mature. Besides, a few users find it quite helpful to discover strangers from different countries than the country they are living in. Chatous is a decent app, but there are far better apps for teens. 


Ablo is always in the buzz for its lively community. It has one of the most chilling people you can ever come across with. The app allows you to travel all across the world at a tap of a button, connecting users with strangers through videos, pictures, and texts.

Best of all, it has people of all cultures and backgrounds, sharing moments and happy vibes. Like Monkey, it has a feature-packed text chat to talk with strangers and friends, where you can send images, artistic emojis, videos, links, gifs, and audios.

Besides, it has a translation feature that enables users to talk to anyone on a live video chat. You can launch a random chat, and connect with ten worldwide strangers every day. However, you can increase the random chat limit by gaining more coins by inviting people through your link or purchasing coins from the store. 

Ablo is a freemium app. It’s free to use but to have access to everything and use every piece of it without any restriction, you need to pay. It only charges when we travel to any specific country or region. To sum up, it’s a unique and the most reliable app to connect with strangers through text and video.

Free | Up to 10 connections per day | Travel prices (varies)



It is an incredible live streaming app. The application allows you to connect with strangers from around the world in a live group chat. You can talk, send images, or voice messages, all from a live video stream.

Camera shy? You can pause your cam, and watch other cams in a group chat without getting disconnected from a room. What’s more? The Camfrog doesn’t charge you to see who viewed your profile.

Not only the app is intuitive, but it also has easy-to-use tools making it easy to navigate around everything. Best of all, it is free, and there is no limitation on joining live chats or groups.

With this app, you are allowed to create as many groups and channels as you want. The group admin or the person who creates a channel or group gets the authority to temporarily disable or mute others’ chat. However, there are more actions an admin can take against rule-breakers. 

Undeniably Camfrog is one of the best apps like Monkey, but you might not be able to keep yourself away from inexplicit visuals. Therefore, you must pick channels wisely, so you don’t have to face such absurdities. Also, the app has a premium plan worth $3/ month that unlocks every feature, including Vip rooms. 

Free | $3 monthly (unlock more channels & groups)

apps similar to monkey


Yubo, also called Teens tinder, is a popular app that allows teens to chat with up to 10 people through live video streaming. It has a global community of around 20 million people with an average age of 25 years. With this app, you can stream, chat, and play games.

The app has many topics created by users to discover your interest. And it has a Swipe feature that helps users find like-minded people from all over the world. 

What’s more? Try out different Lens filters in a live video stream to appear anonymous. Unlike other apps similar to Monkey, it allows people to share their favorite youtube streams or create streams and share across various platforms.

The stream is the mainstay of this app, where you can play Q&A, Picture guessing, and drawing quiz games with friends. It’s is a cross-functional app, whether it’s Lens, Stream, community, chat, or user experience.

Its text chat is packed with all the essential tools that any popular messaging platform has. However, it comes with a power pack plan to allow users to get extra advantages. However, you can earn rewards by inviting people to join the app through any social media platform.

Aha Live

It is one of the best apps with run-of-mill features and a lively user experience, much like Monkey. It’s easy to use app that allows users to make a random video call. Aha live has also a text chat which is packed with a host of options to make messaging engaging.

In a live video stream, you can send gifts to other users, like their profiles, and play with filters to look cool. The text chat is somewhat what we see on other messaging apps: it’s simple, yet loaded with tools.

You can set your gender and region preference and connect with strangers throughout the day, without even refueling coins, or increasing limits. Besides, you can only talk with users on the topic you care about.

Similar to Ablo, it has a translation feature for text chat that automatically translates your native wording into a friend’s lingo and vice versa. However, You can turn off this feature in the setting.

Aha live has common filters, including beautify, to spark your face. Not only does it let users make unlimited video calls, but it also allows them to do video streams through 3G\4G and Wi-Fi.

Above all, chats are encrypted, meaning nobody can peer into your conversations, except the information you allow others to view in your profile. Even though it claims to be a secure app, you must not share your personal credentials, or trust the app as a reliable source either.


Bored of Monkey? Give Hola a try. It’s a simple random video chat app that allows users to talk with friends and strangers over the video, audio, and text chat. Aesthetically, it’s well built, decluttered with tools so you can navigate around tools easily.

With this app, you go anonymous in audio chat, and then after 30 seconds, a video stream starts automatically, sound fun?. Before jumping to the live chat, you get to view a user’s profile to take off a conversation further.

Hola lets you stream nonstop as there is no time limit. It has a dedicated text chat field for live video chat, and also you can chat with your previous matches in the conversation room.

Besides, its auto-translate text feature enables users to connect with people around the world. Unlike relevant apps, it lets users play their favorite game with friends.

Whether it be the translation feature or anonymous chat support, the app makes the best Monkey alternative.

At its worst, it has grown-up users, as you will hardly find teens, or if you find them, you have to buy credits to talk with them. So, in terms of overall user experience, it’s a decent app.

Wrapping up

We have done the heavy lifting for you to round up some of the best apps like Monkey. The listed apps have different features and people all around the world that make the user experience unique. However, all the mentioned apps allow you to Chat with friends and strangers for free.

To be blunt, Monkey has some flaws, but it is arguably the best platform to live chat with friends. So, check these apps and have fun. 

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